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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: ฮ‘ equals Alfa B equals Bravo C equals Charlie X equals?
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Alpha bravo charie and delta mean?

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta are the letters of the police alphabet. e.g. Alpha=A Bravo=B

What is bravo company in the us army?

Bravo Company is actually Company B. Companies along with Field Artillery and Air Defense Artillery Batteries us alphabetical letters to designate Companies/Batteries. Companies/Batteries are normally A, B, C, and etc. with the exceptions being the Headquarters Company/Battery and Service Batteries. Military personnel refer to their Company/Battery using the phonetic alphabet. A becomes Alpha, B becomes Bravo, C becomes Charlie and so forth.

What does Bravo have to do with?

It refers to the letter B.

Is there a word from world war 2 that starts with x?

X-Ray is the phonetic word for the letter "X" in military jargon. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc. (A,B,C,D, etc.).

What are the release dates for Johnny Bravo - 1997 Candidate Johnny Johnny B- Badd Air Bravo 3-3?

Johnny Bravo - 1997 Candidate Johnny Johnny B- Badd Air Bravo 3-3 was released on: USA: 1 September 2000

What is the code word for the letter B?


Code word for the letter b?


Radio code for letter 'B'?


What is the radio code word for B?


What is the phonetic word for the letter B?

The phonetic word for the letter B is Bravo.

What is the phenetic alphabet?

a=alpha b=bravo c=charlie d=delta e=echo f=fox trot g=dont know... here are some of the phanetic alphabet, viola!

Why A into B not equals to B into A?

if A & B matrices then A into B not equals to B into A

If a equals 3 and bequals minus 5 then a minus b equals?

If a equals 3 and b equals minus 5 then a minus b equals what

If a equals b and b equals c then what does c plus b equals?

2a. (a, b and c are all equal.)

Is there a car starting with the letter B?

fiat bravo

If a plus a equals b and b plus c equals a and a-c equals b what is c?

a= (+a) or a= (-) b= 2a b= 2a c= (-a) c= (+a)

What is b times 2 equals b plus 6 b equals?

b = 6

If A equals B and B equals C does A equal C?


What is the international radio code word for the letter B?


Who stated if a equals b and b equals c then a equals c?

by transitive property

A squared plus b squared equals 26 where a equals b find a and b?


What is the Property that states if a equals b then b equals a?


If a plus b equals c then c - b equals?


Did Charlie Daniels of the Charlie Daniels Band write Johnny B Goode?

Charlie Daniels did write Johnny B Goode. He was a musician and song writer.

CAN 0 plus equals B plus equals B?

Yes because if 1+0=1 than 0 plus b equals b