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The total tax is $0.40 and the total price with tax is $10.40.

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Q: 10.00 with a 4 percent sales tax?
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What is Hall county's sales tax rate?

Hall County's combined sales tax rate is 7 percent. This is comprised of 3 percent Hall County local sales tax and 4 percent Georgia state sales tax.

Percent of sales tax for 1075 and sales tax is 43?

If an item costs $1,075.00 and the value of the sales tax is $43.00, the percentage of sales tax is 4%

What is the answer to 10.00 with a 4 percent sales tax?

The sales tax is $0.40 (forty cents) so the total including tax is $10.40.

What is 10 dollars with a 4 percent sales tax?

4% means 4/100 = 0.040.04 * $10= 40 cents--------------------so,$10.40=======Price with sales tax.

Larry bought a lawnmower for 150.00 He had to pay a 2.52 percent city sales tax and a 4 percent state sales tax What was the total cost of the lawnmower?


If something is priced 13.36 and there is a sales tax of 4 percent what is the answer?


What is the total amount of sales tax paid on a 76 purchase if the sales tax rate is 4 percent?

4% = 0.04 0.04 x 76 = 3.04

Jeanne went grocery shopping and spent 35.49 before tax What would the total cost be if she paid 1.5 percent city sales tax and a 4 percent county sales tax?

$38.6841 or $38.68 (A+)

What does 4 percent mean in sales tax?

Multiply the pretax price by 0.04

What is 4 percent sales tax on 14.03?

14.03 x .04 = 0.56 = 56 cents

If woman buys four cds for 52.92 including 8 percent sales tax How much did each CD cost?

$52.92/1.08 = $49.00 total price before sales tax $49.00/4= $12.25 price of each CD before sales tax $52.92/4 = $13.23 price of each CD including sales tax

What is the tax percent of Grand Caillou LA?

The state sales tax is 4 percent and the parish sales tax is 4.5 percent for a total of 8.5 percent for Grand Caillou, LA which is also called Dulac in Terrebonne Parish,LA. See 'Sources and related links' below for any updates to this rate since the time of this post..