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100 lakhs 1 million =10 lakhs

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Q: 10 million means how many lacks?
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Related questions

One million is how many lacks?

1 million = 10 lacks

One million how many lacks?

10 lakhs...

HOW many lacks in one million?

10 lakhs

1 million is how many crores?

1 million equals to 10 lacks which is one tenth of a crores (10 million).

How many lacks is 1 million?

A lac is 100 thousand, a million is 1000 thousand so 10 lacs in 1 million.

One million is how may lacks?


1 million means how many crores?

1 million = 10 Lacs. 10 million = 10*10 lacs = 1 Crore

10 crore means how many million?

10 crore = 100 million

1 million is equal to how much lacks?

10 lakhs.

How much lacs in 320 million?

1 million = 10 lakhs so 320 million = 3200 lacks.

1 million dollar means how much Indian Rs?

Actually the million means 10,00,000 [10 lacks] it will change according to the dollar rate. Example if Justin Bieber earns $50 million then his income in Indian rupees is 50*10,00,000=50,000,000

One million means how many laks?

1 million = 10 lacs

How many watts are there in 10 megawatts?

10 Megawatts means 10 million watts

How many amperes are there in a mega ampere?

Mega- means million or 10^6

How many dimes it take to make a million dollars?

ten million

How many Methodist in the world?

About 10 million.

500 million dollar means how many rupees?

if 1 million dollar is 10 lakhs than 500 millions will be 50 crore in rupees.

Does tillion mean 10 million?

"Trillion" (with an "r") means a million million (in most English-speaking countries), or a million million million (in many other countries). "Tillion", on the other hand, is not used as a name for a number.

60 million means how many crore?

10 million = 1 crore so 60 m = 6 crores

How many 0 in 10 million?

1 million = 10^6 → 10 million = 10 × 10^6 = 10^7 → there are seven 0s in 10 million.

If an atom is 10 to the power of -10 in diameter how many can you fit in a straight line across a pin head 0.1mm wide?

10^-10 basically means that an atom is 10 billionth of a metre. This means that 10 billion atoms can fit across in a line in 1 metre. A millimetre is a 1000th of a metre so 10 billion divided by 1000 equals 10 million. 10 million atoms fit in a straight line along a millimetre. However, you want 0.1mm. To get 0.1mm you have you divide 1mm by 10. You do the same to the atom number so 10 million divided by 10 equals 1 million. Answer: 1 million atoms

How many millions are in 10 sextillion?

10 sextillion would be 10,000 million million million.

Ten thousand is equal to how many million?

10 million

How many is 10356500 as in million?

It is 10 million, to the nearest million, or 10.3565 million.

10 lacs is equal to how many million?

10 lakhs = 1 million.