10a plus a

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Q: 10a plus a
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What is 10a plus 3a-4a?

10a + 3a - 4a = 9a

A2 plus 10a plus 30?


What is 10A plus 35?


What is 10a plus 15 factorised as a expression?

10a + 15 = 5 (2a + 3)

Factorise a a plus 10a plus 24?

(a + 6)(a + 4)

How do you simplify 10a-4parentheis A plus 2 parentheis?

to solve this expression: 10a-4(a+2) -> 10a-4(a)-4(2) -> 10a-4a-8 -> 6a-8

What is 10a - 6a plus 2a?


12a plus 4-10a equals what?

12a + 4 - 10a = 2a + 4 or 2*(a + 2)

2(a plus b) plus 3(a plus b) plus 5a?

10a + 5b

-10a plus 14 equals a?

yea ho

What is the answer to 4a plus 10a-6a-7g plus 9g plus 3g?

8a + 5g

10a-37 equals 6a plus 51?


Factor completely 10a2 plus 20a?

10a * (a + 2)

What is 12a plus a minus 3a?

12a + a - 3a = 10a

What does 2a plus 5a plus 3a equal?

2a + 5a + 3a = 10a

4a - 2b plus 6a - 8b?

10a - 10 b

What is 7a plus 2b plus 3a plus 5b equal?

10a+7b undefined variables cannot be determined

What is five a multiplied by a plus two?

5a(a+2) = 5a^2 + 10a

What is the answer to this equation 5a plus 3b plus 9b-10a?

It is not an equation but an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 12b-5a

Evaluate -4a plus b -10a divide b when a equals 8 and b equals 5?

Evaluate -4(a+b) - 10a/b when a=8 and b=5

3a(a plus 4)-2a plus 7?

It can be simplified to: 3a^2 +10a+7 or factored as (3a+7)(a+1)

What is 10 apples plus 20 oranges?

Assume A=Apple O=Orange. 10A+20O

Factorise a plus 10a plus 24?

As written, that's 11a + 24, which is in its simplest form. If you meant a^2, that's (a + 6)(a + 4)

What is 10a 3a - 4a?

10a − 3 − 4a

What does 10a-6 equal What does a equal?