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there are 2.2 pounds in one kg

1200kgm = 2.2 x 1200 = 2640 pounds

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How many pounds is 100 kgm?

100 kilograms = 220.462262 pounds

How many kg are in 190g?

A Kgm is 1000 gm So: 190 gm = 0.19 Kgm

What is density equal to?

Mass Divided By VolumeDensity equals mass per unit volume and it is expressed in gcm-3 or kgm-3 .

Density is equal to?

mass divided by volume.Density equals mass per unit volume and it is expressed in gcm-3 or kgm-3 .

How many100g per 1 kilo of feeds?

1,000 gm = 1 kgm100 gm = (100 / 1,000) = 0.1 kgm

Is the density of ice higher than that of water?

No. The density of ice is in a small range around 900 kgm-3 and that of water is normally 1000 kgm-3.

Is iron or steel heavier?

Iron has a density of 7847 kgm-3.A However there are a number of different types of steel and the density is dependent on the alloying materials used and ranges between 7750 and 8050 kgm-3.B Density of some common steel types:C Tool Steel - 7715 kgm-3 Carbon Tool Steel 7.82 kgm-3 Carbon Steel 7840 kgm-3 Stainless 18Cr-8Ni Steel = 8030 kgm-3 Sources: A Iron: Wikipedia Entry. B Steel: Wikipedia Entry. C Density of Steel: Physics Factbook Table 1. Please see related links.

Spaceship 1 and spaceship 2 have equal masses of 300 kg they collide spaceship 1s final speed is 2 ms and spaceship 2s final speed is 1 ms in the same direction what is their combined momentum?

Momentum is mass multiplied by velocity. The momentum of the two ships would be 300 x 2 = 600 kgm/s and 300 x 1 = 300 kgm/s. So the combined momentum of the two ships would be 900 kgm/s.

How does a mouse get food?


How many kilograms in 0.001 milligrams and 1000 micrograms?

There are 1000000mg in a kgm so 0.001mg is 0.000000001kg. 1000ug is 1mg. Therefore this is 0.000001kg.

What is formular for density?

Mass per unit volume (kgm-3)

Can calcite float in water?

Calcite will not float in water. Solid calcite has a density of 2710 kgm-3. This is significantly higher than that of water which is 1000 kgm-3 therefore solid calcite will sink in water.

Which has more momentum a 3.0 kg sledgehammer swung at 2 ms or a 4.0 kg sledgehammer swung at 1.5 ms?

momentum= mass x velocity so... they have equal amounts of momentum, 6 kgm/s

Which metric unit is density expressed in?

kgm-3 kilograms per metre cubed

What is a example of density in metric units?

At 20oC water has a density of 998.2071 kgm-3.

What is the SI unit of pressure?

The Pascal; it is a derived unit, equivalent to 1 kgm-1s-2. Pascal

Convert 513kgm to lbin?

1 kilogram meter = 86.79616597992 pound inch 513 kgm = 44 526.43314769896 lbin

Cylinder head torque for Daihatsu Charade diesel?

85-95 nm or 8,5 - 9,5 kgm Greetz, Bert.

What are the units for density mass length and volume?

units for density is : kg/m^3mass is : kglength is: metersvolume is : m^3

What is the unit for density of a liquid?

Density is always measured in kgm-3 or kg/m3 regardless of weather its solid, liquid or gas.

What is the density of an object that has a mass of 20kg and a volume of 50l?

You would need to defineTemp and pressure to determine the volume of a liter. Then density = kgm/vol

What units is momentum expressed in?

Kgm/s, kilogram metres per second. Momentum = mass (kg) x velocity (m/s)

If a force of 300N is exerted upon a 60kg mass for 4 seconds how much impulse does the mass experience?

Impulse = (force) x (time) = 300 x 4 = 1,200kgm-meter/sec.The mass of the object doesn't matter. (However, if you want to know the change in its linear momentum, it's equal to the impulse.)

The mass of a length silver chain is 1.05gcm Convert this density to kgm?

1kgm = 1000gcm (i think), so therfore you didvide 1.05 by 1000 which gives you 0.00105.

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