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120 percent of the number 85 is one hundred and two.

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Q: 120 percent of what number is one hundred and two percent?
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What is 10 percent of one thousand two hundred?


What is one hundred and twenty percent in a fraction?

120% = 120/100 which can be simplified to 6/5.

Twentyfour is what percent of one hundred twenty?

(24 / 120) x 100 = 20 percent

If twenty five percent of a number is seventy what is one hundred percent of the number?

One-hundred percent of a number is equal to that number, the one hundred percent is redundant. Lets call this number that we are looking for X to simplify it. so .25 (25%) of X equals 70, this can be written as: .25X=70. Simply divide both sides by .25, and the resulting equation is X=280. so one hundred percent of the number is 280. 280.

What is twenty five percent of one hundred and twenty?

25% of 120 is 30

What is eight percent of one hundred and twenty dollars?

120$ x 0.08 = 9.6$

Sixty two percent of one hundred and twenty?

62% of 120= 62% * 120= 0.62 * 120= 74.4

What is 1 percent of 15 million?

To find one percent of a number, simply divide that number by one hundred. 15,000,000/100 = 150,000 One percent of fifteen million is one hundred and fifty thousand.

What is one hundred and twenty percent of ninety?

120% is the same as 1.20 and 1.20*90 = 108

Proper way to write the number 120?


What is twenty percent of one hundred and twenty?

20% of 120 is 24 ************************ Method: 20 ÷ 100 × 120 = 24

One hundred percent of what number is seventy?


How do you put in number two million one hundred fifty-five thousand one hundred twenty?

2, 155, 120

How are ratios similar to percent?

A ratio is a comparison of one number in relation to another number. A percent is a comparison of one number in relation to One Hundred.

15 is 15 of what number?

15 is 15 percent of the number called one hundred.

What number is seventy five percent of one hundred twelve?


What is sixteen percent of one hundred percent?

Sixteen percent of one hundred percent is: 0.16

How do you write the number One hundred twenty five thousand?


How do you write one tenth of one percent in decimal format?

One hundred percent = 1.0Ten percent = 0.1One percent = 0.01So, one tenth of one percent = 0.001

What does percentage symbol mean in maths?

The literal meaning is 'of one hundred'. Any number written with a percent sign is a fraction of one hundred.

What is the amount of something if it cost 120 plus 20 percent?

144. You divide 120 by 5 since 20 is one fifth of 100 percent. You will end up with 24. You then add it to the original number, 120, and you get 144.

How do you tackle math problems involving percents?

The word percent means one part in a hundred. One percent, for example, is exactly one part in a hundred. Fifty-two percent is 52 parts in a hundred, which can be expressed as the proportion 52/100, which can be written as the decimal 0.52. So, when you see a proportion expressed as a percent -- such as 52% -- you can think of it as 0.52. In other words, all you do is move the decimal point two places to the left of the percent sign. 13% = 0.1323% = 0.2399% = 0.99130% = 1.30 So, doing math with percents is no harder than doing math with decimals. If you have to calculate 25 percent of, say, 120, just multiply 120 by the decimal equivalent of 25%, like this: 120 x 0.25 = 30. In other words, 25 percent of 120 is 30. That's all there is to it.

How do you write 012 as a percent?

Times any number by 100 and you convert any number that you have into percent. The word "cent" means one-hundred (100). The word "Percent" means... PER-CENT (every one-hundred) I am assuming you meant "write .12 as a percent" This is 12%. But 012 as a percent is 1200%.

What is 240 as a percentage?

1 percent of anything is one one hundredth of that thing or number In other words One percent of one hundred is one. the question cant be answered because the 240 does not relate to another number.

Symbol of 85 percent?

There is no symbol of 85 percent. The percent sign (%) is the symbol used to indicate a percentage. The preceding number is divided by one hundred.