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125 picometers=0.125 nanometers

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Q: 125 pm equal how many nm?
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How many nanometer equal a picometers?

1 pm = 10-3 nm 1 nm = 103 pm

How many pm are there in 1 nm?

1 Nm=1000 Pm

How many nanometer equal to one picometers?

The conversion relations between pm and nm are given .The relation is as follows . Now,1 m =10 -9 nm. and 1 m =10 -12 pm. so,1 nm= 10 -3 pm.

Carry out the conversions 5pm equal to how many cm equal to how many nm?

To convert one unit to another .lets Know the relation between these units. For converting pm to m.we know,1 pm=1 * 10-12 m . So,5 pm =5 *10-12 m. And now for converting nm to meter . 1 nm =10 * 10-9 . Thus,5 nm=5 * 10-9 m

1 nanometer is how many picometers?

1 nanometer is equal to 1000 picometers 1 nanometer (nm) = 1x10^-9 and 1 picometer is equal to 1x10^-12 (nm) 0.000000001 (pm) 0.000000000001

2 30 pm until 4 00 pm equal how many hours?

2 hours

What is 1415 equal in time am or pm?

2:15 pm

What is the range of the radio of must atoms in nanometer?

The radii of atoms are expressed in picometers (pm).1 ooo pm = 1 nmThese radii are between 75 and 250 pm.

What is the range of the radii of most atoms in nanometers (NM)?

The atomic radii of most chemical elements are in the range 75-250 pm or 0,075-0,25 nm.

What time is 7 pm est equal to India time?

9.30 pm

What time is sunset on July 15 2011 in Albuquerque NM?

at 8:21 PM MDT

What Is half 154cm?

77 cm or 30.315 in or .77m or 770mm or 770,000,000 nm or 770,000,000,000 pm.

Which has a larger radius Al or Ti?

Titanium (140 pm) has a larger covalent atomic radius than aluminium (125 pm).

What is the range of the radii of most atoms in nanometers?

The radius of an atom is measured in picometres (1 pm = 10-12 m); this value is 100-200 pm. And 1 nm=1 000 pm

How many hours is 730 am to 430 pm?

7:30am to 4:30pm is equal to 9 hours.

What is the atomic size of the atoms?

For an average atom, the radius lies around 10 nm and the nucleus around 1 pm.

What does 1834 equal in time?

6:34 PM

In what unit is atomic radius measured?

pm(picometer) or nm(nanometer)for example the atomic radius of Fluorine is 72 pm or 0.72nm

Which element has an atomic radius of 152 nm?

First, the value of the atomic radius is not fixed, but depends on the definition you're using. Second, no element has an atomic radius as large as 152 nm. All atomic radii are about 1000 times smaller than that. Finally, assuming that you meant to say 152 pm, lithium has a metallic radus of 152 pm, oxygen has a van der Waals radius of 152 pm, and cobalt has a calculated atomic radius of 152 pm.

What is smaller than a centimeter?

there are many units which are smaller than a cm . The metric unit smaller than a cm is mm. all other units are µm,pm ,nm ,fm ,etc.

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California is on Pacific Time New Mexico is on Mountain Time The difference is one hour, 2:00 pm in Ca is 3:00 pm in NM

What time is 7.30pm equal to Japan time?

7:30 pm in Japan is 7:30 pm Japan time!

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