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Miles measures distance. Square miles measures area. Therefore, you can not compare the two. It is like comparing feet and cups.

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Q: 12 miles equals how many square miles?
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If a side of a square equals 12 mile how many square miles is that?

144 square miles.

How many square miles is 12 square kilometers?

12 square km is equal to 4.63323 square miles.

How many square miles are there in 12 miles?

Not sure what you are asking. A 12 mile by 12 mile square would be 144 square miles.

How many acres is 12 square miles?

12 square miles = 7,680 acres.

12 meters equals how many miles?

12 meters = about 0.007456 miles.

12 km equals how many miles?

12 km equals 7.456452 Miles. This is how far we have dug into the earth.

12 square inches are how many square foot?

12 square inches equals 0.083 square foot.

1 square feet equals to how many square inches?

144. 12 times 12.

12 square meters x 12 square meters equals how many square meters?

144 square meters

If a forest ranger can observe 12 miles how many square miles can he see?

452.38896 square miles

How many square feet is 12 square miles?

334,540,800 square feet.

12 square yards equals how many square centimeters?

12 x 0.91442 x 10,000 = 100,335.28 square centimetres

How many square feet equals 12 x 14?

12' x 14' = 168 square feet

12 million meters equals how many miles?

12,000,000 meters = 7,456.45431 miles.

.12 acre equals how many square feet?

Answer: .12 acre = 5,227.2 ft²

How many square inches in 12 square feet?

144 square inches 1 foot has 12 inches so 12 times 12 equals 144

How many square miles is 12 miles?

not possible to convert area unit to length unit unless knowing the geometry For example if the geometry is square with perimeter 12 miles. Then, the square side is 3 miles and the area is 9 square miles.

How many square miles did the hiroshima bomb demolish?

Over 12 miles.

How many miles was 12 inches equal?

12 inches equals 0.000189 mile.

I am 12 miles from the tower how many square miles does that equal?

Miles and square miles are units of different measurements. Miles are units of length and square miles are units of area. There is no answer to your question.

How many acres in 12 square miles?

Answer: 12 mi² = 7,680 acres

How many miles equals 760320 in?

760320 inches = 760320/12 = 63360 feet = 63360/5280 = 12 miles.

On a map if 1 inch equals 15 miles how many inches is 180 miles?

12 of them.

12 inches by 72 inches equals how many square feet?

Six square feet Six square feet

How many square miles is in 12 miles?

A 12-mile line has an area of 0 square miles. A 12x12 mile square area has an area of 144 square miles, if that's what you meant. When you're talking about area, you need a length and a width.