12 x 5cm

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60cm 12 multiplied by 5cm is the same as 6 multiplied by 10cm, as 12 divided by 2 equals 6, and 5cm multiplied by 2 equals 10cm. 6 multiplied by 10cm equals 60cm. That theory is called doubling and halving.

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Q: 12 x 5cm
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What is 5cm to the third power?

5cm to the 3rd power = 5cm x 5cm x 5cm = 125cm3 (or 125 cubic centimeters)

How do you find the formula for a cube?

you tube videos Alternatively: If the cubes edges are 5cm long, then you can find: a) its total surface area (of the 6 square faces) = 5cmx5cmx6 = 150 square centimetres b) its volume by multiplying length by breadth by height = 5cm x 5cm x 5cm =125cc (cubic centimetres c) the total length of all of its edges, of which there are 12 measuring 5cm each = 12 x 5cm = 60cm

What 11cm x 5cm?

11cm x 5cm = 55cm2.

10cm x 5cm x 5cm equals?

250 cm3

What is the volume of a cube with the side length of 5 centimeters?

Volume_cube = side x side x side = 5cm x 5cm x 5cm = 125 cm3

How long is the Star Wars FX yoda force lightsaber?

85 cm x 5cm x 5cm

What is the area of the triangle if it is 13cm 12cm and 5cm in length?

30 sq cm ((12 x 5)/2)

What is the volume lof a boxmeasuring 5cm x20cm x 5cm?


What is the volume of 2cm x 5cm x 1cm?


Who long is the other side of a rectangle if the width is 5cm and the diagonal 13?

12 as 13 x 13 = 169 5 x 5 = 25 169 - 25 = 144 = 12 x 12

What is the weight of a 5cm x 5cm x 5cm cube?

This is impossible to answer as it depends on the density of the material. I.e. a 125 cm3 of lead is significantly heavier than a 125 cm3 cube of foam rubber.

What would be the perimeter of a square with sides of 5cm?

4 x 5cm = 20cm

How do you change 5cm x 5cm into square cm?

Multiply them. 25 square cm

How many ml of water would fill a box with the dimensions of 35cm x 20cm x 5cm?

Volume = 35cm x 20cm x 5cm = 3,500 cm3 = 3,500 ml

What is the surface area of acube 5cm x5cm x6cm?

two surfaces 5cm x 5cm = 25 cm ea four surfaces 5cm x 6cm = 30 cm ea 25+25+30+30+30+30 = 180 cm

What is the volume of a book if you has the following measurements length 5cm width is 2cm and the height is 6cm?

5cm x 2cm x 6cm = 60 cubic cm.

Calculate area of a triangle?

Area of a triangle = 1/2 (Base x Height) Example: Width 13cm, Height 5cm, Base 12cm then; Area=1/2(12cm x 5cm) Area=6cm x 5cm Area=30cm2

What is the cubic capacity of rectangular prism measuring 5cm x 4cm x 10cm?

A rectangular prism is just a box or cuboid So the capacity is 5cm x 4cm x 10cm = 200cm3

What is a volume of 2cm x 3cm x 5cm?

30 cm3

What is the perimeter of 4cm x 5cm?


What is the volume of a pyramid with a height of 5cm a width of 3cm and a length of 4cm?

The base area = 3 x 4 = 12 square cm. The volume = 1/3 height x base area = 1/3 x 5 x 12 = 20 cubic cm.

What is 7.4 10-5cm into km?

7.4 10-5cm into km can be expressed mathematically as 7.4 x 10^-10.

What is the volume of an object with dimensions of 4cm x 5cm x 9cm?


Design 3 containers of prism with volume of 200 cubic centimeters?

Assuming that it is acceptable to make three cuboid containers, a container of 200 cubic centimetres volume can be made with the following dimensions (representing base length x base width x height, using whole numbers only). Only three examples follow, though there are several more permutations:2cm x 5cm x 20cm = 200cm34cm x 5cm x 10cm = 200cm38cm x 5cm x 5cm = 200cm3

How many meters are in 5cm?

1m = 100cm 5cm x 1m/100cm = 0.05m