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12a + 4 - 10a = 2a + 4 or 2*(a + 2)

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Q: 12a plus 4-10a equals what?
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What is 12a plus 6b plus 9a plus 14b equals?

12a + 6b + 9a + 14b =(12a + 9a) + (6b + 14b) =21a + 20b

14a-4a plus 5a-3a equals?


How do you solve the equation 8a plus 4a equals 144?

8a+4a=144 12a=144 12a/12=144/12 A=144

What is 16a plus 3b-c-5a plus 3b plus 7c plus a equals?

12a + 6b + 6c = 6(2a + b + c)

2 plus 3a plus 9a?

It is: 12a+2 when simplified

What is the answer to -12a plus -12?


What is 12a plus a minus 3a?

12a + a - 3a = 10a

What is 12a plus 8?

12*a+8 =12a+8

Solving multiplication and division equations 12a equals 48?

a=3 is the answer to 12a=48

20a plus 12a-8?

As written, that equals 32a - 8, which factors to 8(4a - 1) If you meant 20a^2 + 12a - 8, that factors to 4(5a - 2)(a + 1)

How do you simplify 12a plus a?


5a plus 12a simplified is?


What is 12a plus 42?

That depends what the value of a is.

Can you simplify this expression 12a plus a?


What is 12a - 6a plus a?


4(3a-3) plus 2?

It multiplies out as: 12a-12+2 = 12a-10

How can you solve 12a equals 48?

12a = 48 Divide both sides by 12 to find the value of a: a = 4

How do you factor quadratic equation a2 12a plus 27?

a2 + 12a + 27 = (a + 3)(a + 9)

What is equivalent to 12a plus 6b?

6(2a plus b)

How do you factor 12a plus 3b plus 6c?


What is the answer to this to my problem 8aยณ-2aยฒ plus 12a-3?

whats the answer to this math problem in Algebra 8a³-2a²+12a-3

1 plus 1 equals 2 plus 2 equals 4 plus 4 equals 8 plus 8 equals 16 plus 16 equals 32 plus 32 equals 64 plus 64 equals 128 plus 128 equals 256 plus 256 equals 512 plus 512 equals 1024 plus 1024 equals?


Enemy plus you equals friend Hate plus you equals love Tears plus you equals smile Confusion plus you equals solution Nothing plus you equals everything and Me plus You equals equals please reply?


Which expression is equivalent to 14a-4a plus 5a-3a?

It is:12a

Which expression is equvialent to 14a-4a plus 5a-3a?