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Q: 12ga dbl barrel side by side marked made for richland arms co made in Spain blissfield mich mod 200 what is it and the value please?
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Could i please have The phone number for richland arms company blissfield Michigan?

YES!! Of course you could. I would tell you if I knew, but I don't. Nice talking to you anyway!

Where can you find information about a 1939 Model 97 with a stainless steel barrel?

Please list EXACTLY how the barrel is marked, and if possible send a digital picture.

I have a double barrel marked twisted Belgium on the rib and interchangeable marvel on the side. It also has 1843 under the barrels. I would like any info. on this gun please?

does it have rabbit ear hammers

Double barreled shotgun with London twist marked on barrel and saxton on sideof reciver ithas lots of ingraving what do you have?

I don't really know but I have one that belonged to my great grandfather if you find out anything please post it here.

What is the value of a Franchi Brescia rifle by Luigi with the number 84613 on the body and 423110 on the barrel?

Please list all the markings on the gun, exactly as they are marked. Franchi did make a .22 semiauto rifle, but they are primarily a shotgun manufacturer. ACCIAIO?

Please tell me if my Wells Fargo shotgun is real it's a double barrelmarked WFCo on the stock and stamped on the barrel it looks like it's made by Richard also has a metal plate marked Wells Fargo?

You need to seek a professional appraisal.

What is the value of a richland arms double barrel shotgun?

The value of any gun depends on a lot of factors like age, condition, size, and finding the right buyer. By double barrel I assume you mean SxS instead of O/U. I'm not familiar with the SxS value but I just saw a 12 Ga in pretty good condition advertised for $400. While I'm not a double trigger guy, that seems like a fair price. But, you need to make sure the barrels are regulated to shoot properly. I have an O/U 28 Ga Richland Model 828 that I love . Although it isn't in very good condition, I'd have trouble finding one that is as light for 2 times what it is probably worth to most people. I have friends who have looked for a Richland Model 828 for years without finding one. Another friend collects all Gauges of Richland O/U shotguns that were imported from Spain or Italy into America in the 60. I paid about $800 for mine several years ago but that was probably above the top dollar for the condition it was in and then I spent about $400 more opening the rifle chokes and refinishing the stock and making new firing pins. I've heard they are only worth about $500 in the gun value books but personally, I think that price is too low for the 28Ga O/U. There are also new guns being sold under the Richland brand but, they are not at all like the Richland guns imported in the 1960's. If you have a Richland O/U for sale, please let me know.

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