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Rounding it to the nearest percent is 8%.

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Q: 1350 square ft what percent is 109.25 sq ft?
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How many square feet in 30' x 45'?

30 ft * 45 ft = 1350 sq. ft Ans) 1350 sq. ft

How many square yard in 1350 sqft?

9 sq ft = 1 sq yard so 1350 sq ft = 1350/9 sq yards = 150 sq yards.

1350 sq ft requires how many BTU?

1350 square feet requires about 24,000 BTUs for cooling. A space this large will need more than one unit if you are using window units for cooling.

What is 30 percent of 600 square feet?

120 ft.

What is 10 percent of 120 square feet?

12 sq ft

Is 450 yd more or less than 1700 ft?

450 yd + 1350 ft

What is the distance from Detroit MI to Ft lauderdale Florida?

About 1350 miles

How big is 1350 sq ft?

To visualize this, you would first want to assume the shape. We could just assume a square room.If the room has 1350 square feet, that means each side (s) of the room is:s =√ 1350 ft2~= 36.7 feet long.If you need something to compare the length to:Let's assume the average adult male is 6 feet tall. If you stacked 6 adult males, head to foot, you would have about 36 feet. That is the length of one of the sides of this square room.

If tom mow the lawn at a rate of 75 percent in a 1 hour If the lawn is 1500 square ft how many square feet can tom do in a hour?

Tom can mow 1,125 square ft of lawn in 1 hour.

If twentyseventhsof a acres width is 200 ft what is length?

The length of an area of 1/27th of an acre that is 200 feet wide would be about 6.5 feet. It would equal about 1350 square feet.

What percentage of an acre is 66 ft x 150 ft?

One acre has 43,560 square feet. Divide the number of square feet, 9,750, by that and you get the number of acres. This gives you an answer of 22.38 percent of an acre.

How many sq ft are in 38 percent of a acre?

An Acre is 4,840 square yards (43,560 sq feet) 38% of an Acre is 16,552.8 square feet.