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75%. (15000-375)/15000*100

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Q: 1500-375 equals 1125 what percent is left?
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What is 275 percent as a decimal?

Percent to decimal move the decimal left two places.2.75 as a decimal equals 275%.

What is the 120 percent of 300?

120 percent of 300 is 360. You first take out the 100 percent; that is 300. You now have 20 percent left, which is a fifth, so you divide 300 by 5, which equals 60, and add that to 300. 300+60= 360.

What percent of pandas are left in the world?

45% percent of pandas are left in the wild

Why is there 1 percent of bacterica left in your mouth?

In particularly person has 30 percent when left 1 percent eating dessert

What percent of soccer players are left footed?

About 12 percent are left footed About 87 percent are right footed About 1 percent are both footed

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Fifty percent

If left equals up what does right equals?

right equals down get it right gosh!

How do you Calculate 10 percent of 208 people?

First option: 208 divided by 10 equals 20.8 which is 10 percent of 208. Second option: 10 percent of any number is the same number with the decimal point moved one to the left. 10 percent of 208.0 is 20.80.

What percent of the rainforest is left?

Ther percent is 7% x

What is the percent of 600 minus 280 what percent is left?


What is 1.5 percent of 5600000?

1.5 percent of 5600000 equals 86000. To find this, I moved the decimal in 1.5% over two places to the left to make it a decimal. (.015). Then, i multiplied .015 times 5600000. Hope this helped!

What percent of cougars are left?


What is left after you take 20 percent of 6000?

80 percent, or 4800

3109 pounds equals 1 ton how many pounds are left?

2,000lbs equals 1 ton. So there are 109lbs. left.

Mr Jacobs has 2000 dollars He spends 55 percent on clothes 23 percent on 247 dollars on school supplies and 247 on shoes How much does he have left?

he has 2000 dollars first find 78 percent of 2000 to tell you how much he spent on cloths and what you didnt state. it equals 1560 he has 440 dollars left. then he spends 494 on shoes and school supplies. So he has -54 dollars left. Either this is the right answer or your question has a falt in it.

What percent is left of our rainforest?

There is only about 4 or so percent left of the original rainforest. So not uch, less than a 3rd

Amy spends 30 percent of her money on a book and saves 60 percent if she had 20 pence left how much had she at first?

30 add 60 is 90 percent. 10 percent left. 10 percent is 20p. 100 percent is 2 pounds

What percent of oil is left on earth?


What percent of doctors are left handed?


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How much of the world is left handed?

10 percent of the world is left handed.

What is 40 out of 100 in percent and what is left over?

40% and 60% is left over

70 percent of a can of paint has been used What percent of paint is left in the can?

...erm, 30%

What percent of New Orleans population left the city before the storm?

80 percent

What the answer for 500 spent 20 percent then 35 percent?

The answer depends on whether the "then 35 percent" applies to 35 percent of what was left or of the original sum.