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15 is 15 percent of the number called one hundred.

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Q: 15 is 15 of what number?
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How do you turn 15 percent to a number?

Take any number, multiply by 15% and you have 15% of that number. 100x15% is 15. 15 is 15% of 100.

How do you spell the number 15?

The number 15 is spelled "fifteen".

Which is a composite number 15 or 11?

15 is a composite number. 11 is a prime number.

Is 15 a positive number?

15 is a positive number.

What is the whole number of 15?

15 IS a whole number.

Protons are 15 in number what number is element?

if there are 15 protons then the atomic number is 15. The element is Phosphorus.

Is 15 a prime number?

No, it's a composite number.15 is NOT a prime number.

What is the name that has the number of 7 and the mass number of 15?

Atom number 7 is Nitrogen, 157N , isotope 15 with mass number 15 The answer is N(15) isotope

What is the number in between 15 and 15?

There cannot be any number between two identical numbers.

Who has number 15 an the pokedex?

ON sinnoh pokedex is number 15 Kricketot on Natiol pokedex number 15 is: Beedrill

What are mathematical facts about the number 15?

15 is a composite number

What is 15 a odd or a even number?

15 is an odd number.

8 is 15 percent of what number?

8 is 15% of what number

Is 15 an odd number?

Yes, 15 is an odd number.

Is 15 an even or odd number?

15 is an odd number.

Is 15 a real number?

As an integer, 15 is a real number.

The sum of a number and 7 is 15 what is the number?

? + 7 = 15 so 15 - 7 = ?

What is the highest number 15 can be divided by?

15 is the highest number 15 can be divided by evenly.

How do you find 15 percent of a number?

15% of a number(say X) = (X*15)/100. or Multiply that number by 0.15

What is 15 percent in a whole number?

15% = 0.15

What is a number that is a factor of 15 and is a multiple of 15?

15 is.

15 rounded to the nearest whole number?

15 is a whole number.

Who is number 15 in Portugal's soccer team?

Pepe is number 15

What is the precision of 15 cm?

15 is an exact number. It is a precise number.

What number go into the number 15?

1, 3, 5, 15.