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16 feet = 5 yards 1 foot

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Q: 16 feet equals how many yard and feet?
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16 yard an 2ft equals how many feet?

50 feet.

How many feet are in 5 and one-third yards?

Sureley you jest: 1/3 of a yard equals 1 foot, because three feet equals one yard. (Therefore 5 yards equals 15 feet + 1/3rd of a yard which equals 1 foot will equal 16 feet because 15 feet plus one foot equals 16 feet,)

16 feet equals how many yards and inches?

5 yards and one foot. A yard is three feet.

Sixteen feet equals how many yard?

There are three feet in one yard. Therefore, 16 feet is equal to 16 / 3 = 5.3 recurring yards (that is, 5.33333...), or five and one third yards.

48 feet equal how many yards?

One yard equals 3 feet: 48/3= 16 yards

21 yards equals how many feet?

3 feet are in a yard. Multiply 21 by 3 and there is your answer.

16 foot by 18f oot how many square yard?

A yard is 3', so a square yard is 3'x3' which equals 9sq ft. To calculate square yard from feet you multiply length in feet by width in feet and then divide by 9. So 16'x18'/9=32sq yds.

How many feet is in 16 yards?

16 yards = 48 feet (three feet per yard).

16 yards equals how many feet?

16 yards = 48 feet

How many square feet is a 16x14 yard?

if you're saying 16'x14' yard, then it is 224 square feet.

How many number of feet in five and one-third yards?

1 yard = 3 feet so 51/3 yard = 16/3 * 3 = 16 feet.

How many yard and feet are in 16 feet?

The equivalent is 5 yards and 1 foot.