1974 Kennedy half dollar

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The coin is face value, the last Kennedy half made for circulation from 40% silver was 1969.

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Q: 1974 Kennedy half dollar
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1974 half dollar silver What is it worth?

If the coin is a US Kennedy half dollar dated 1974 it has no silver in it and is face value.

How much does a Kennedy 1974 half dollar weigh?

11.34 grams & 30.6mm diameter

How much is a 1974 silver half dollar?

It's not silver. None of the 1974 Kennedy halves are silver. Just spend it.

Now Kennedy's face is on the half dollar?

Yes, Kennedy's face is still on the half dollar.

What is the value of a 1974 Kennedy penny?

There seems to be some confusion here. Kennedy is on the half dollar, while Lincoln is on the penny. A 1974 Kennedy half is worth 50 cents. A '74 Lincoln cent is worth 2 cents for its copper content.

What is the value of a 1974 Kennedy Half Dollar without a mint mark?

If there is no mintmark on your 1974 Kennedy half, that simply means it was minted at the main mint in Philadelphia. Very common -- no added value in circulated condition -- perhaps a dollar or two for a nice uncirculated one.

What is the value of a 1974 liberty half dollar?

Liberty half dollars were made up till 1947. Your coin is called a Kennedy half dollar and is only worth 50 cents.

Us half dollar Kennedy 1974 silver coin?

As you can tell by looking at the edge, all 1974 half dollars were made of copper-nickel rather than silver.

What is the value of a 2003 uncirculated Kennedy half dollar?

Half a dollar

What is a 1974 half dollar worth?

Unless it's a Proof or Mint State coin, it's face value. None of the Kennedy Half dollars made for general circulation after 1970 contain any silver.

Which president in on the half dollar?


What is the value of a of Kennedy half dollar 1774-1974?

There's no US half dollar with those dates. The only dual-dated halves were the Bicentennial coins that carry the dates 1776-1976If you have a copper-nickel half dollar dated 1974 it's only worth face value.

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