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The Total Number of entity types involved in a relationship.

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Q: 1The degree of a relationship specifies?
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What does the cardinality ratio specify?

The cardinality ratio specifies the number of relationship instances that an entity can participate in.

What is the difference between a master of science and master of engineering?

Typically, the degree is a masters of science in engineering. This specifies it is a master's degree with major in engineering. The master's of science is a degree category from which many specific programs of study fall.

What is meant by first degree relationship and second degree relationship?

I'm not entirely sure; I've never heard this saying before. But I imagine that it's like burns. If a relationship is 'first degree' it's easily healed if broken off and doesn't mean much. A second degree relationship is a burn you wouldn't want to get, though.

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Yes you can became a relationship adviser without a degree. the only difference is one went to college and the other didnt but, you dont need a degree to be a relationship adviser many people know how to help and have never had a major in being a relationship adviser.

What is command relationship?

A degree of control and responsibility.

What is the difference between Cardinality and Degree?

Degree the number of entity types that participate in a relationship.

What is the relationship between the degree of cephalization and the complexity of the animal?

what is the relationship between complexity and the cephilization of a sponge?

What is scope relationship in cognos Framework Manager?

They are not the same as joins and do not impact the Where clause. There are no conditions or criteria set in a scope relationship to govern how a query is formed, it specifies only if a dimension can be queried with a specified fact. The absence of a scope relationship results in an error at runtime.

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What is the answer for question degree of relationship between contracting parties?


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a physical topology specifies what

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