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In English-speaking countries, the billion is commonly defined as 1000 millions. In many other countries, it means a million millions.

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Q: 1 billon is equal to how many millions?
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1 billion is equal to millions?

Yes, it is equal to many millions.

How Many Microsoft Windows is there?

1 billon

10 lakhs equal to how many millions?

1 million

How many millions does 1 lakh equal to?

One tenth.

What is a billon add a billon?

1 triloan

How many millions is equal to 1 crore?

10 million = 1 crore.

How many pages are in the book frostbite?


How many millions is equal to thousands?

0.001 million = 1 thousand.

How many millions is equal to 1 crore rupees?

10 million.

1 billion is equal to how many millions?

You need one thousand millions to make one billion.

1 billion is equal to hhow many millions?

One thousand millions equals one billion

What is the value of 1 billion in millions?

1 billion is equal to 1000 millions

How many hours does a baker work?

1 billon hours its not ture

How many 100 millions equal 1 billion?

10 x 100,000,000 = 1,000,000,000

How many billions are in a million?

1 Billion is equal to 1000 Millions 1 Million is equal to 0.001 Billion Hence, there are 0.001 Billions in a Million. 10 Millions = 0.01 Billions 500 Millions = 0.5 Billions 1250 Millions = 1.25 Billions Read More...

How many billon does it take to make a trillon?

1,000 billion = 1 trillion.

How many millions equal to 1billion?

Let h be the amount of millions that equal 1 billion. But first, let us discuss something simpler. How many tens equal 100? The answer is easy: 10. You can easily count this on your hand. OK, now to progress: How many hundreds equal 1,000? Answer: 100. Then: How many thousands equal 1,000,000? Answer: 1,000 Do you see the pattern? We can deduce from this pattern that h is 10,000. Therefore: Ten thousand millions are equal to 1 billion.

Are there 1000 millons in a billon or 100 millons in a billon?

There are 1000 values of 1 million in the number 1 billion.

How many million in one billion?

In general terms, 1 billion is equal to 1000 millions

How many cores equals to one million?

10 Lakhs equal One Million. i.e 10 Millions equal 1 CRORE..... :-)

How many millions equal 700 billion?

700,000. 700,000 times 1 million equals 700 billion

How many days in billon weeks?

1 week = 7 days 1 billion weeks = 7 billion days

How much is tna worth?

1 billon dollars

What is the world record for owning pencils?


How do you make 1 billon in 1 second?

The answer is very simple. You don't.