1 cm represents how many km?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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One hundred centimeters equals a meter, and one thousand meters equals a kilometer. So 100,000 centimeters equals a kilometer.

Do the math >.< i dont want to give you the wrong answer, but that should help

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Q: 1 cm represents how many km?
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Cm represents how many km?

100,000 cm = 1 km. Therefore, there are 5,000,000 cm in 50 km.

What does 3.8 centimeters represents about how many kilometers?

The conversion between km and cm are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . we know that , by conversion 1 km =100000 cm. now,3.8 cm =0.000038 km.

How is a map with scale of 150000 different from a map with a scale of 124000?

1:150,000 means 1 cm on map is represents 150,000 cm or 1.5 km and 1:124,000 means 1 cm represents 124,000 cm or 1.24 km. Likewise, 1:1,000,000 would be a larger area where 1cm of map represents 1,000,000 cm or 10 km on the ground.

If a map scale reads 1 centimeter equals 5 kilometers how many kilometers does 3 centimeters represent?

Each cm represents 5 km &rarr; 3 &times; 1 cm : 3 &times; 5 km &rarr; 3 cm : 15 km 3 cm represents 15 km.

How many cm in one km?

1/100,000 km

How many km in 1 million cm?

There are 1000 km in 1 million cm.

120 km equals how many cm?

1 km = 100000 cm120 km:= 120 km * 100000 cm/1 km= 12000000 cm

A map scaled at 175000 is considered to be which of following?

On 1:175,000 scale map one cm on the map represents 175,000 cm or 1.75 km (~1 mile) in the real world.

What size is a 1 to 50000 scale map?

1:50,000. This means that 1 unit measured on the map represents 50,000 units in the real world. So if you measure 1 cm on the map, then it represents 50000 cm, which is 500 meters or 0.5 km. So 2 cm on the map represents 1 km. If you measure 1 inch on the map, then that represents 50,000 inches, which is about 4167 feet or 0.79 miles.

How many km is how many cm?

1 km = 1000 meters1 meter = 100 cmSo 1 km = 100 000 cm

How many cm represent 50 km?

100,000 cm = 1 km. Therefore, there are 5,000,000 cm in 50 km.

How many km in a cm?

A kilometer (km) is much larger than a centimeter (cm). There are 100,000 cm in one km.