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Q: 1 dam is equals to how many decimeter?
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How many dam is in a meter?

One dam (dekameter) equals 10 meters. A decimeter (latin, rather than greek prefix) is 1/10th of a meter.

1 dm equals to how many meters?

1 decimeter (dm) is .1 meters or 1/10th of a meter. A dekameter (dam) is 10 meters.

1 decimeter equals how many millimetres?

1 dm = 100 mm

How many dam equals 1 hm?


How many decimeter equals a meter?

A decimeter is 0.1 meters, or 10 centimeters.

How many decimeter equals 1 liter?

Decimeter is a measure of length, liter is a measure of volume. You can't convert those.

One meter equals to how many decimeter?

1 meter = 10 decimeters

One decimeters equals how many meters?

1 decimeter=0.1 meters

How many centimeters equal to a decimeter?

10001 decimeter equals 10 centimeters.

How many milimeters equals a decimeter?

100 millimetres = 1 decimetre.

How many km are in 700 dam?

700 dam equals to 7 km as 100 dam = 1 km

How many decometers equals 10 millimeters?

10 millimeters is 1 centimeter which is 1/10th of a decimeter.