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I Kilogram is equivalent to 66.67 lots. It therefore follows that 1 lot is equivalent to 0.015 kilograms.

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Q: 1 lot equals to how many kilograms I require answer in terms of weight?
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How many kilograms in a 600 millimeters?

Those terms are not compatible. Kilograms is weight. Millimeters is length.

How many kilograms is 1.25 L of water?

kilograms is a measure of weight. Litre is a measure of mass. theyre not compatible terms. also, the weight of water, specifically, is dependent on its temperature.

How much weight is 180 kilos?

In terms of pounds, 180 kilograms = 396.8 pounds.

How do you calculate from pounds to metric?

You can divide the number of pounds by 0.4536 to get the same weight in kilograms.My first answer was wrong.You can multiply the number of pounds by 0.4536 to get the weightin terms of n equivalent number of kilograms.

Do different MMA glove ounces matter?

{| |- | Only in terms of competition. The rules of different competitions require a specific weight. The weight determines how much padding there is in them. |}

What are the official physics terms for time mass area length weight and volume?

Time, mass, area, length, weight, and volume are official physics terms that are commonly used in the field of physics and science. These terms are fundamental quantities used to describe the physical properties of objects and events. Time is measured in seconds (s), mass in kilograms (kg), area in square meters (m^2), length in meters (m), weight in newtons (N), and volume in cubic meters (m^3).

Value of a shekel in 1500 bc?

A shekel is the basic Hebrew unit of weight and money. A shekel equals 11.4 g. 50 Shekels equaled on mina. In modern terms, a shekel of silver equals $2.20. A shekel of gold equals $128.45.

Which life insurance companies do not require a pysical as one of their terms?

Allstate does not require a pysical as one of their terms

Does body building require weight lifting trainers?

Although weight training does not require a trainer, you should make sure you are well aware of how to properly and safely use all equipment, and that you are lifting safe amounts of weights if with out a trainer.

Why pounds in southern Ireland?

By southern Ireland, you mean the Republic of Ireland. In terms of currency, the pound is not used, as the Euro is the currency. In terms of weight, pounds and ounces are still commonly used as many people are familiar with them, but kilograms and other metric measurements are also used.

What is the equivalent of 1 pound in metric?

1 pound is equivalent to approximately 0.45 kilograms in the metric system.

Is it true that the weight of a substance is defined as its mass divided by its volume?

No, weight is a measure of the force of gravity acting on an object's mass. The weight of an object can change with location due to differences in gravitational pull. Mass, on the other hand, is a measure of the amount of matter in an object and is constant regardless of location.