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Q: 1 metric ton of LNG how many cubic meters?
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What is 1 ton of LNG equivalent to?

1ton LNG is equivalent to 2.193 cubic meters = 1315.79 cubic meters of degassified natural gas.In thermal unit, it is equivalent to 50mmBtu.However it depend on the composition and caloific value of Naural gas considered.The above value can be used for estimation purposes.

How many cubic feet in one gallon of LNG?

About 0.133 cubic feet.

How many cubic feet are in one million gallons of LNG?

133,680.6 cubic feet.

What is the formula to convert the capacity in cubic feet of an LNG carrier with 160000 cubic meters of capacity?

1 cubic meter = ~35.31 cubic feet 160,000 * 35.31 = ~5,650,000 cubic feet

How many mmbtu in 1 cubic meter of lng?

1MMBTU=? m3

How many BTU in one metric ton of LNG?

52 million BTU's

What is 1 standard cubic meter of natural gas in cubic meters of LNG?

Liquified natural gas has about 1/600th of the volume of natural gas at standard temperature and pressure, so 1 m3 of natural gas would be about 0.001666 m3, or 1.67 liters, of LNG.

Ho can you convert cubic meters into MMBTU?

Cubic meters (cbm) are units of volume, while the MMBTU (i.e. mln BTU) is the unit of calorific value. Therefore the calculation with depend on type of fuel your are looking at.E.g. 1 MMBTU = ~28 cbm of LNG

How manyy mmbtu in metric ton of lng?

It should be according to the quality of the gas, but roughly1 metric Tonne = 48 MMBtu (Downey, M. 2010, Oil101)1 metric Tonne = 48.7 MMBtu (Foss, M. 2007, Introduction to LNG, pag. 38,

How can calculate and convert lng gas in deferents way for ex. from cubic meter to tons and so?

when convert from cubic meter to tonns multply by 0.455

How many BTU per gallon of LNG?

71,100 BTU per gallon of LNG.

How many objectives does microscope and what are they called?

ambot lng

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