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(2140/4 = 535)

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Q: 1 out of every 4 students want to tke a computer class during there next school year 2140 students are at the high school how many computer students should be planned for the class?
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What are the computer games played bythe high school students?

I imagine almost all of them are played by high school students.

What is the difference between a boarding school and residential school?

A boarding school is for mainstream students who stay at school during the school year and return home during holidays. Residential schools the students stay for pretty much the entire year, and are often for students with disabilities and are usually specialized in different fields.

A local middle school has 88 computers and 444 students. What is the number of students per computer at the school - write your answer as both a rational number in simplest form and a decimal?

Students per computer = 111/22 = 5.04545... repeating.

A high school has 785 students in September Fifty students leave the school in October Seventy-six students transfer to the school in November How many students are there in the school at the end Nov?

You could probably solve this question a lot quicker, If you used the calculator that came with your computer. 785 - 50 + 76 = 811.

What are your ideas about students spending off school time playing computer games in computer cafes?

they dont they do work not play

What was students doing during the bombing of hiroshima?

There were in school taking classes.

How can you present your school as an excellent?

High exam results! Also, how many students attend, if there are good facilities (computer labs, cafeterias, how many toilets etc) and what students think of the school.

During the school years self-esteem typically?

During the school year many students see an increase in their self-esteem typically.

How can you convince principals to give students their birthday off of school?

You could threaten to have a party during school.

If nine twenty fifths of students prefer using a computer as an instructional tool how many students prefer them if the school has 950 students?

608.s=studentsc=computer-users9/25 = .36950s = c950*.36 = 342c950s - 342 = 608

What can you do on a school computer?

Send emails to other students, do homework, search appropriate things, and anything else that the school does not rule against.

How do you do you homework while on a planed vacation during the school year in high school?

To do your homework while on a planned vacation during the school year in high school, carry with you only material and any other documentation that you cannot obtain elsewhere.