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1 pa = ? CFM

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Q: 1 pa equals how many CFM?
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How many cfm of air equals 1 ton of air?

There are 400 cfm in 1 ton

How many cfm of air 1 ton of air conditioning?

1 ton A/C have 400 CFM

How many cfm per ton of ac?

1 ton ac per cfm 400

How many CFM in a Ton?

400 cfm per a 1 ton. If you are talking about air condition 400 cfm per a 1 ton. If you are talking about air condition12000 BTU in 1 ton300 - 350 CFM in 1 ton depends on mfg.Cfm and Tonnage of Refrigerent is are different units, then how these two units can be compared?cfm of what? feathers? lead?

1 pascal equals how many bars?

1 pascal (Pa) = 10-5 bar

12000 BTU equals how many CFM?

The two are related but are not equivalents. 12000 btu = 1 ton of refrigeration , in a typical air conditioning application 400 cfm per ton are needed to properly support it`s operation.

How many CFM is equal to 1 HP?

CFM (cubic feet per minute) is not directly related to horsepower unless a pressure is given with the CFM number. A 1 HP pump might only generate 2.5 CFM at 100 PSI, for example. That same 1 HP can push hundreds of CFM at standard air pressure (a large fan, for example).

How can you convert cmm to cfm?

1 cfm= .028317 cmm

1 bar equals how many psi and Pa?

1 bar = 100000 Pa1psi = 6890 Paapprox 14.5psi to the barPrecisely,1 bar =14.5037738 psipsi = pounds per square inch

How many pascal equals 1bar?

1 bar is equal to 100000 Pa. If you're interested, 10000 Pa is equal to 100 kPa which is the same as 0.1 MPa.

What is PA and B for PA equals 30 and PB equals 55?

P = 5 A = 6 B = 11 Or.... P = 1 A = 30 B = 55

How many meters of water column equals 1 Pa?

Depends on the surface. The smaller the cross section of the column is taller.

What is relation between cfm and cmh?

The relationship between cubic feet per minute or cfm and cubic meter per hour or cmh is that there are approximately 0.59 cfm in 1 cmh. Similarly, 1 cfm is equal to approximately 1.7 cmh.

1 Mbar equals how many mm of wc?

1 Mbar=100Pa 10 Pa=1 mm of wc so 1 Mbar=10mmof wc=100Pa

How do you convert mmH20 to Pa?

1 Millimeter of Water Gauge equals 9.80665 Pascals.

How many cubic feet per minute of air is 1 ton of air conditioning?

1600 cfm

1 tablespoon equals how many tablespoon?

1 tablespoon equals 1 tablespoon. If the question is: 1 tablespoon equals how many teaspoons? The answer would be 1 tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons

What is the conversion for 1m3 to cfm?

m3 and cfm are units of different things and thus not convertable. A m3 is a unit of volume; 1 m3 is the volume that would be defined by a cube 1 meter on each side. Cfm means "cubic feet per minute," which is a rate of flow. 1 cfm is the rate of flow when 1 m3 (one cubic meter) of a substance passes a point in one minute.

1 centemeter equals how many millimeters?

1 centemer equals how many millimeter

1 char equals how many bits?

1 char equals how many bits?

1 mg equals how many min?

1 mg equals how many grams?

How many 1 Tbsp equals how many cc?

1 tbsp equals 15cc.

How many gallons of air are in one cfm?

Be careful, you're mixing the units. A gallon can be compared to ft3. Then you can know how many gallons per minute are equal to ft3 per minute (cfm). 1 gal = 0.1337 ft3 1cfm = 7.48gpm

Specific power consumption of air compressor?

Specific Power means Power required to generate the 1 CFM that means KW/CFM..

1 kilometer equals how many milimeters?

1km = 1,000,000mm