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Q: 1 picofarad equals how many farads?
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What is picofarad?

A picofarad is 10-12 farads. It's 1/1,000,000,000,000 or one trillionth of a farad. A picofarad is often referred to as a "puff" by electronics types. The farad is a measure of capacitance. As an example, a 10 picofarad capacitor is a 10 puff cap or ten trillionths of a farad.

How many farads in 1 kvar?

420 micro farad=1 kvar

One microfarad equals how many farads?

1 microfarad = 1uF = 10-6 F = 0.000001 F mili = 10-3 micro = 10-6 nano = 10-9 pico = 10-12

If picofarad capacitor is replaced with microfarad capacitor then what will happend?

The unit of capacitor is farad. 1 farad =10 to the power of 6 microfarad and also = 10 to the power of 12 picofarad Therfore if you are replacing one picofarad capcitor into one microfarad capacitor you are increasing the capcitance to 1000000 times. If it is in an oscillator circuit you are changing the frequency drastically which will be of no use.

What is capacitance measured in?

. . is measured in farads or more usually microfarads or even picofarads. A capacitor has a capacitance of 1 farad when it has a voltage of 1 volt when there is 1 coulomb of charge on each plate. 1 coulomb is 1 amp flowing for 1 second.

What is meant by Kpf in capacitors?

1 pF= 10-12 F (pF is picofarad) 1 KpF = 10-10 F

What will be the affect if 1kpf capacitor is replaced by 1nf for 3 stage FM transmitter?

1 kpf (kilo pico farads) is equal to 1 nf (nano farads), so there would be no affect.

How many Picofarads in a Farad when measuring capacitance?

A pico farad is 1 x 10 minus 12 farads. That's 1 plus 11 zeros.

What is micro farads?

The microfarad is a unit of capacitance, equivalent to 0.000001 (10 to the -6th power) farad. The microfarad is a moderate unit of capacitance. In utility alternating-current (AC) and audio-frequency (AF) circuits, capacitors with values on the order of 1 µF or more are common. At radio frequencies (RF), a smaller unit, the picofarad (pF), is often used. This unit is equal to .000000000001 (10^-12) µF.

How do you calculate the time delay of RC circuit?

time delay will be 1/RC x 5 where R = value of resistor in ohms C= capacitance in Farads time delay will be 1/RC x 5 where R = value of resistor in ohms C= capacitance in Farads time delay will be 1/RC x 5 where R = value of resistor in ohms C= capacitance in Farads

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