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It is 0.836 sq metres, approx.

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Q: 1 var is equal to how much square meter?
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540 square var equal to how much square meter?

451.5 sq metres, approx.

How many var equal to 1 square meter?

1.196 var, approx.

How many square var in 1 square meter?


How many square feet does VAR the term used for land measurements in NASHIK equal?

1 Vara ( it's Not VAR) = 7.7sq feet.

How many feet in var?

1 square VAR = 7.7 Square feet

Why VAR meter does not measure real and apparent power?

A VAr meter only measures the reactive (imaginary) power. Apparent power is a combination of real and reactive power; thus having a VAr meter will not suffice to measure apparent power. Likewise, because the VAr meter only measures reactive power, it does not provide any information on real power.

How many var is 100 square meters?

120 VAR

1 var equal to how many squre feet?

One var equal to how many feet

How many var is 1 square meters?

The unit var or vara is a length surveying unit, originating from Spain. In most surveys, it is equal to 33 1/3 inches. Nevertheless, it cannot be converted to a squaremeter, which is a unit of area, not length. See related question.

How many square feed in 540 square var?

4860 square feet.

What is the area of Villars-sur-Var?

The area of Villars-sur-Var is 25.27 square kilometers.

What is the area of Pierrefeu-du-Var?

The area of Pierrefeu-du-Var is 58.36 square kilometers.