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20,000 pennies is the same as $200. There are 100 cents in a dollar, so you simply need to divide 20,000 by 100 to find out how many dollars are in that many cents.

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Q: 20000 pennies equals how many dollars?
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How many dollars are in 20000 pennies?


How many pennies to make 200.00 dollars?

20000 of them

Four dollars equals how many pennies?

400 cents (pennies) = 4 dollars

How many dollars equals 50 pennies?

0.5 dollars

How many pennies equals two third of one dollars?

3 pennies

How many pennies are in 20000?

There are 2,000,000 pennies in $20,000.00.

2000 pennies equals how many dollars?


How many pennies equals dollars?

Assuming by 'pennies' - to mean 1 cent pieces... 100

How many dollars equals 26 million pennies?


50 thousand pennies is equal to how many dollars?

Equals $50.00

How many pennies to make 20 dollars?

2,000 pennies in 20 dollars (100 in 1 dollar times 20)(100x20 equals 2,000)

77000 pennies equals how many dollars and cents?

100 pennies = one dollar 77000 pennies = $770 and no cents

How much is 15000 x 3?

45,000 pennies equals how many dollars

1 billion pennies equals how many dollars?

the answer is 70 1/3

Six dollars equal how many pennies?

6 dollars equal how many pennies? I can answer that. You see, 1 dollar equals to 100 pennies. That means that 6 dollars = 600 pennies. I hope you understand me.

How many US dollars equal 20000 pounds?

20,000 pounds equals 32,778 US dollars.

150000 pennies equals how many dollars?

Divide by 100 to get the answer: 1,500 dollars.

200 000 dimes equals how many dollars?

There are 10 dimes in one dollar. Therefore, 200000 dimes is equal to 200000 / 10 = 20000 dollars.

How many pennies are in 100 dollars?

10000 pennies are in 100 dollars.

How many pennys equals 400 dollars?

There are 100 pennies in one dollar so there are 100 pennies x $400 = 40,000 pennies. About 180 pennies are in a pound so you better have a cart to carry all these 222 pounds of pennies.

How many dollars are in five hundred thousand pennies?

100 pennies = 1 dollar 500,000 pennies = 5,000 dollars

How many euros in 20000 Australian dollars?

20000 australian is worth how many euro

How many dollars does 5000 pennies come to?

There are 100 pennies in 1 dollar, so 5,000 pennies makes 50 dollars.

How many pennies make 500 dollars?

100 pennies make a dollar so there are 50,000 pennies in 500 dollars

How much is 6 billion pennies in us dollars?

6,000,000,000 pennies equals $60,000,000 (sixty million dollars). 6 billion is about half of the total number of pennies made each year - 13,000,000,000 - so you are unlikely to see that many at once.

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