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If the assignment contained 22 questions and you missed 8 of them, it means you correctly answered 14.

14/22 = 64%.

This would be a D-F depending your grading system.

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Q: 22 questions and you missed 8 what is your grade?
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If i missed 8 questions out of 20 what will my grade be?

As a percentage it is 60% providing that all answered were correct

What would my grade be if i missed 8 question out of 56?

Forty-eight out of fifty-six questions- 48/56= 85.7

What percentage would you get if you missed 2 questions out of 8?

75% If you missed 2 out of 8, then you got 6 out of 8. 6/8 is 75%.

What percentage would you get if you missed 8 questions out of 12 questions?

4/12 =33%

What would be your grade if you got 8 questions correct out of 15 question?

53% or F

What is your grade if there are 8 questions and you get 2 wrong?

It is 75

What is your grade if you got 8 wrong on a 20 question test?

If there are 20 questions then each question is worth 5 points because 100 total points divided by 20 equals 5.If you missed 8 questions then 8 times 5 points equals 40 points wrong, so you have to subtract that from 100 to get a grade of 60. Study harder next time.

What is the percentage if you missed 8 out of 20 questions?

60% right, 40% wrong.

To practice some questions of grade 8?

i am palmo

If you get 2 out of 8 questions right What is your grade?


What is your score if you missed 7 out of 15 questions?

8 out of 15 is less than 55%

With 24 math guestions what would your grade be if you missed 8?

That would be around a 66% so a D.

What percentage would you get if missed 3 questions out of 8?

You would get 37.5%

What grade would you get for answering 8 out of 10 questions right?


If you miss 2 questions out of 8 what is your grade?

75% or a "C".

What percentage would you get if you missed 2 questions out of 10?

you managed 8 out of 10, 4/5ths or 80%

What is 2 wrong out of 8 questions?

Your grade will be a 75 or a "C" ,"C" is lower than a 70 so that means it will prabaly be a bad grade

What is your grade if you miss 2 out of 10 problems?

Missing two questions = getting eight questions correct. 8/10 = 80%

How can you find the grade average from 2 wrong out of 10?

Since there are 2/10 problems that are missed, there are 8/10 problems that are correct. 8/10 is 0.8 which is equal to 80%.

What are the answers for 8 grade algebra?

well to obtain the answers, you would first have to present the questions.

What is the grade of 5 out of 8?

It is an F. You only got 3 correct which means you missed more than 50%.

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What is your IQ score if you missed 2 out of 8 questions?

95 You cannot tell your IQ correctly by answering 8 questions. If you really want to know your IQ get tested by a professional. Theese online IQ tests are a complete waste of time.

What grade do you get if you get 8 wrong out of 23 questions?

It depends on the test. Some tests penalise wrong answers, others don't.

What are some 2nd grade questions?

8+7 9+6 12+12 6+5 7+7