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It's 135 degree Celsius.

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Q: 275 percent oven temp is equal to what in Celsius?
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What is 200 degrees Celsius oven temp?

392 degrees Fahrenheit.

What temp is 140 c in oven?

140 degrees Celsius is 140 degrees Celsius regardless of the specific location of measurement.

What kelvin temp is equal to 200 degrees Celsius?

200 degrees Celsius is 473.15 Kelvin.

What does 17 Fahrenheit equal in Celsius?

Use this formula. Temp. Fahrenheit = Temp. Celsius(1.80) + 32 so, 17 F = Temp. Celsius(1.80) + 32 ( subtract 32 from each side ) -15 = Temp. Celsius(1.80) ( divide each side by 1.80 ) -8.3 = Temperature Celsius

What temp is celsius and Fahrenheit equal?

minus40 celsius is the same temperature as minus 40 Fahrenheit

What temp do you need to bake oatmeal cookies in?

To bake oatmeal cookies the temperature in your oven should be preheated to 375 degrees Celsius.

Oven temp for bread?

As hot as possible - around 230 degrees Celsius. (Sweet breads should be cooked at 180-190 degrees Celsius, since the sugar will burn at hotter temperatures).

What is the equation for changing Celsius to kelvin?

Temp. Celsius = Temp. Kelvin - 273.15

Should cake take longer in a celsius oven?

No. Celsius is a differant way of measuring tempature, and the most commenly used on in the world besides the US. Using google you can figure out the conversions. For instance, 400 Fahrenheit equals about 200 celsius, so something cooked in an oven set at either temp will cook in the same time.

What is the formula on how to convert degree Celsius into rankine?

Rankine temp = 1.8(Celsius temp) + 491.67

What is the celsius temp if the temp is 85 Fahrenheit?

about 29.4444

If the absolute temp of a is 600 k the temp in degrees celsius?

-273.15+600=326.85 degrees celsius