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28% as a fraction in its simplest form is 7/25

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Q: 28 percent asa fraction in simplest form?
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What is 0.016 asa fraction in simplest form?

16/1000 = 2/125

What is 40 percent asa fraction?


What is 8 percent asa fraction and decimal?

As a fraction, it is 8/100 so, as a decimal it is 0.08

What is 0.65 Asa percent?

0.65 = 65%

What is 0.79 Converted to fraction form?

It's really simple to convert 0.79 to a fraction. Just write it as a percent.79%And since 79% is the same as 79/100 the answer is 79/100.

What is negative 3.7 Asa fraction?

-3 7/10

What is 45 percent asa decimal?

45% = 0.45

How do you write 5.6 asa fraction?

56/10 or 28/5

How do you express the percent asa decimal 30.9 percent?

Divide by 100. So 30.9% = 0.309

What is 16 percent asa fraction?

Percent means hundredths, so 16% = 16/100.Percent means hundredths, so 16% = 16/100.Percent means hundredths, so 16% = 16/100.Percent means hundredths, so 16% = 16/100.

What is 1.42 percent asa decimal?

1.42% as a decimal = 0.0142= 1.42%/100% = 0.0142

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