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A quarter is 25 cents. Two dollars is 200 cents and 10 nickels is 50 cents, for a total of 250 cents. That's the same as 250/25 = 10 quarters.

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Q: 2 dollars and 10 nickels equals how many quarters?
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20 dimes plus 20 nickels equals how many quarters?

12 quarters. 20 dimes= 2 dollars, and 20 nickels= 1 dollar. 3 dollars, multiplied by 4 because of the quarters, is 12 quarters

How many quarters are in 2 dollars and10 nickels?

Two dollars is equal to 8 quarters, ten nickels is equal to 50 cents or two quarters. Eight plus two equals 10. Another way to find the answer is to think of dollars in terms of nickels. One dollar equals twenty nickels (5 x 20 = 100). So two dollars would equal 40 nickels. Add the ten nickels to the 40 nickels to get 50 nickels. A quarter equals five nickels (5 x 5 = 25). Then devide 50 by 5 to equal 10.

If there are twice as many nickels as quarters and the coins are worth 4 dollars and 90 cents then how many quarters are there?

14 Quarters = $3.50 28 nickels = $1.40 To get this answer you simple add 2 nickles to one quarter which = 35 cents divide 4.90 by 35 which equals 14 14 will be the number of quarters and double that, 28 will be the number of nickels

How many dollars are equal to 12 quarters and 4 nickels?


Jane has some nickels dimes and quarters which total 1.90 She has twice as many quarters as dimes she has three times as many quarters as nickels how many quarters does she have?

Peggy had three times as many quarters as nickels. She had $1.60 in all. How many nickels and how many quarters did she have?

7.25 in quarters and nickels there are 5 more quarters than nickels how many quarters and nickels are there?

25 quarters, 20 nickels.

Forty thousand nickels equals how many dollars?

2,000 dollars?

25 nickels equals how many dollars?


How many nickels are in fourteen quarters?

how many quarters are in 40 nickels

20 dollars equals to how many quarters?

20 dollars = 20*4 = 80 quarters

How many dimes nickels and quarters make up 500?

If by 500 you mean 500 cents then : 50 dimes or 100 nickels or 20 quarters. If you mean 500 dollars then: 5,000 dimes or 10,000 nickels or 2,000 quarters.

How many ways can you make 5 dollars with dimes nickels and quarters?

hundreds of ways... 50 dimes 100 nickels 20 quarters 40 dimes and 2 nickels 90 nickels and 5 dimes 16 quarters and 10 dimes 30 dimes 2 nickels 4 quarters etc figure it out ;)

Carmen has 2.80 in nickels and quarters She has twice as many nickels as quarters How many of each kind of coin does she have?

8 quarters and 16 nickels

How many rolls of pennies nickels dimes quarters half dollars and dollars in a box?

50 in each box

How many quarters nickels and dimes do you need to make 100 dollars?

There's no single answer; it depends on how many of each coin you have. For example you could have any of the following:400 quarters1000 dimes2000 nickels500 dimes and 1000 nickels200 quarters, 400 dimes, and 200 nickelsand so on....

How many quarters equals 100 dollars?


How many quarters at in 15 dollars?

There are 45 quarters in 15 dollars. 4 quarters in one dollar. 15 dollars times 4 quarters power dollar equals 45 quarters.

How many quarters and nickels are worth 4.95?

19 quarters and 4 nickels.

In a group of quarters and nickels there are four more nickels than quarters How many nickels and quarters are there if the coins are worth 2.30?

7 quarters and 11 nickles

How many dollars in 4000 quarters?

Because there are four quarters in one dollar, 4,000 quarters equals 1,000 dollars.

How many nickels does 5 quarters equal?

5 quarters * 5 nickels/quarter = 5 * 5 nickels = 25 nickels

How many quarters and nickels are in3.10?

$3.10 could be no quarters and 62 nickels, or it could be 12 quarters and 2 nickels, or it could be eleven other different mixes. There are 13 different ways to do it with quarters and nickels.

How many dimes and nickels are in four dollars and 95 cents?

First subtract the dollars, then get rid of the quarters. This leaves two dimes.

Eric has 130 coins consisting of nickels and quarters. The coins' combined value is 15.90. How many are nickels and how many are quarters?

47 Quarters 83 Nickels

How many quarters are in 360 nickels?

72 quarters.