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Q: 2 faces have 8 equals sides the other 4 faces are rectangles?
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Two of your faces have eight equal sides in all and your other four faces are rectangles what are you?

a hexahedron with four rectangular sides and two square ends.

What is a polyhedron and a prism that has 2 bases are hexagons and other faces are rectangles?

No polyhedron has five sides as a pentagon and a hexagon has six sides

What is a 3 dimensional shape that has 5 faces 3 are small rectangles and 2 are large rectangles?

There isn't: for all faces to be rectangles there have to be 6, of which opposite sides are equal in length and breadth. (A cuboid)

Are all the faces on a triangular prism triangles?

No, the bases are triangles, the sides are rectangles.

What has seven faces and all but two are rectangles?

A pentangonal prism has five rectangle faces and two pentangon shape sides.

What figure has 6 faces with some of them rectangles?

A rectangular prism is a hexahedron with some rectangular sides. There is no requirement that all sides be rectangles. If they are, the solid is a right rectangular prism, or cuboid.

What shape has 6 rectanglges faces?

Could it be a hexahedron. A cube has 6 sides and they are squares. A rectangular prism has 6 faces that are rectangles.

Does a prism always have five faces?

Yes they do. It consists of 2 triangles at the sides and 3 rectangles.

It faces are all rectangles . it has 8 vertices?

A rectangular prism has 6 sides and 8 vertices.

What is a solid figure that has 4 equals sides other faces are triangles?

TetrahedronEhm, I believe the answer would be a pyramid.

How many sides are there on two rectangles?

Rectangles must always have 4 sides. As there are two rectangles, there must be 8 sides. However, if these two rectangles have identical sized sides and they are placed against each other so that they look like one rectangle, there will only be 4 sides.

What do you notice about 'skinny' rectangles?

"Skinny" rectangles have two of their opposite sides being much longer than their other two sides.