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2/3 + 1 + 3/5 - 3/10 = 59/30 or 1 and 29/30

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Q: 2 thirds plus 1 whole and 3 fifths minus 3 tenths?
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What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

What is the answer for two wholes minus three fifths?

One whole and two fifths

Someone ate one tenth of the cake leaving only nine tenths if you eat two thirds of the cake that is left how much of the whole cake will you have eaten?

You would have eaten six-tenths or three-fifths of the cake. 9/10 x 2/3 = 18/30 = 3/5 six- tenths and three fifths are the same

What is one whole minus two fifths?

1 minus 2/5 is 3/5.

What is two thirds minus one third?

one whole

Is five fifths greater than nine tenths?

yes bit is bigger because fifth fifths is one whole

What is eight tenths of a whole number?

0.8 times the number, or four fifths of it, 80% of it.

14.8 in math?

14 whole units and eight tenths (or four fifths) of a unit.

What is 3 minus 2 whole and two thirds?

1/3 or one-thirds. Hope This Helps.PW

4 whole minus 2 and 3 fifths?

1 and 2/5

What whole number is equal to nine thirds minus eight fourths?


How many halves thirdsor quarters is there?

In any whole thing, there are 2 halves 3 thirds 4 quarters 5 fifths 6 sixths 7 sevenths 8 eighths 9 ninths 10 tenths . . etc.

Is minus two thirds an integer?

-2/3 is not an integer because it is not a whole number

What does two thirds plus one fourth plus three fifths equal?

12/12 or 1 whole

How many thirds in a whole?

there are 3 thirds in a whole.

What is negative two-thirds minus two?

neg 2 and two thirds -2 2/3 in a mixed number the neg sign is for both the whole number and the fraction

How many thirds are in one whole?

3 thirds are in one whole

How many fifths make 2 whole 3 fifths?

Well, two whole are 10 fifths, and add them to the 3 you allready have, you get 13 fifths.

How many tenths equal a whole?

There are 10 tenths in a whole.

How many thirds are there in whole?

Three thirds make up a whole.

What is 2 fifths of a whole?

As a whole or of a whole?

How many fifths are in 5 whole ones?

Each "whole one" is made of 5 fifths. Therefore 5 whole ones will contain 25 fifths.

How many fifths in one whole?

There are five fifths in one whole.

How many tenth equal one foot?

Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.Ten tenths = one whole - of anything.

What is 4 fifths as a whole number?

Four fifths is not a whole number so it is not possible to express it as a whole number.