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Q: 2a plus 5 equals 17 what is the value of a?
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A plus a plus a-2a equals?

a + a + a - 2a = 3a - 2a = a

-a plus 3a-2a equals?


2a plus 5a plus 9a equals?

2a+5a+9a = 16a

If a plus a equals b and b plus c equals a and a-c equals b what is c?

a= (+a) or a= (-) b= 2a b= 2a c= (-a) c= (+a)

What is the answer to 3 plus 2a equals?

It is the expression 3 + 2a.

What is 2a plus b?

2a+b=2a+b. Without a value for a and b, the expression has no value.

What is 2a plus 5 equals 45?

A equals 20.

What is the answer to 6a plus 2 equals 2a plus 10?


What is a if 2a plus 4 equals 6?

a = 1

Are there any values of the variable A for which the expressions 2 plus A and 2A have the same value?

2. 2 plus 2 equals 4 and 2(2)= 4

Simplify 2a plus 3a plus 4 equals?

2a + 3a + 4 = 5a + 4

5a plus 2a 6-6a?

The value of a in the equation 5a plus 2a = 6-6a is a=6/11.

Solve P equals 2a plus b for b?

Subtract 2a from each side: P - 2a = b ie b = P - 2a

What is 2a plus 4 equals 8 called?


What is the answer to 4a-3 equals 2a plus 7?


What is the answer to 15 - a - 2 equals 2a plus 1?

a = 4

Solve 2a plus 3 equals 11?

a = 4

If a plus b equals c what does a plus c equal?

A+c= 2a+b

How do you solve -2a plus 5 plus 3a equals 15-21?

depends what 'a' =

What is the answer to -2a-3a equals 7-4a?

The value of a is -7

6a - 5b equals 9 2a plus 5b equals 23?

(4, 3)

What is the value of c in the formula square root 2a to the second power plus b to the second power if a is 4 and b to equals 5?


If a equals b and b equals c then what does c plus b equals?

2a. (a, b and c are all equal.)

What is -7a plus 2a plus 9 equals 24?

-7a+2a+9 is also -5a+9. -5a+9=24. -5a=15. a=-3.

What is the answer to 2a plus b plus 3c equals 2a plus b plus 3c?

That's not even a question. It's only a statement that says that some number is equal to itself.