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350 euro plus 21 percent vat?

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423.5 Euro

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What is the prise of Diana 350 magnum air rifle in India?

it cost around Rs. 350 plus Vat 70000

What is the 17.5 percent vat on 1020?

£1,020 plus 17.5% Vat of £178.50 = £1,198.50 If the £1,020 is inclusive of 17.5% VAT then the VAT amount = £151.92

Difference between vat 4 percent and vat 12.5 percent?

8.5 percent of the pre-VAT price.

How much is six hundred plus twenty percent vat?

600 + 20% = 720

What is the answer of fifty five thousand pesos plus twelve percent vat?

55,000 + 12% = 61,600

What is 19 percent VAT on 110 euros?

19 percent VAT on 110 euros is 20.9 euros.

What is the 12 percent Vat of 2350 pesos?

12 percent VAT of 2350 pesos is 282 pesos.

Calculate 15 percent vat in 545?

If the 545 is inclusive of VAT then the VAT element is 71.08, however if the 545 is exclusive of VAT then the VAT would be 81.75

Difference between 4 percent vat and 12.5 percent vat?

The difference is 8.5 percent of the purchase price, or 3.125 times as much at 12.5% as at 4%.

How do you compute 12 percent vat on a receipt?

Multiply the pre-VAT amount by 0.12

How do you enter vat 13.5 percent in tally 7.2?

how to enter vat 13.5 % in tally 7.2

What is 15 percent vat of 200?

Adding 15 percent of VAT to £200 gives £200 x 1.15 = £230.

How much will a course in AutoCAD cost?

It will cost 495 pounds plus VAT per delegate for an individual in a scheduled course. It costs 1,400 pounds plus VAT for the first delegate in an on-demand course plus 100 pounds plus VAT per subsequent delegate.

What is the VAT in the UK?

VAT - is the equivalent of the sales tax in america - In the UK it is currently set at 20 percent.

Minus vat 20 percent off a figure?

X / 1.20 = x minus vat @ 20%

What is VAT rate in Andhra Pradesh?

one percent

How do you add 20 percent vat to a cell on my invoice?

Multiply the ex-VAT cell by 1.2 Multiply the ex-VAT cell by 1.2 Multiply the ex-VAT cell by 1.2 Multiply the ex-VAT cell by 1.2

What is the rate of VAT if an article marked at rupees 5000 is sold for rupees 5200?

The VAT rate is 4 percent.

When does vat go up to 20 percent?

4th January

How do you work out 20 percent vat?

Multiply the total by 0.2

How do you calculate 20 percent vat?

The total times 0.2

What is 20 percent VAT on 479 euros?

95.8 euros

How do you calculate VAT?

See the related link for a guide on VAT and how to calculate it. You can also use a VAT calculator such as the one in the related links.*To calculate the price before VATUse the reciprocal of the VAT percent, found as 100/(100 + VAT)e.g. for 15%, multiply by 0.87 (100/115) and that will bring you back to the approximate pre-VAT value.

How do you calculate vat of 15 percent?

Multiply by 15, then divide by 100.

What is the percentage of VAT levied in India for mobile phones?

12.5 percent