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That would be 85% (30 divided by 35) which is normally a grade of B.

If you only missed 3, you would have an A-.

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Q: 35 questions on a test missed 5 what is your grade?
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If you missed 10 out of 35 questions what would the grade be?

71% or C-

35 questions on a test missed 7 what is your grade?

You get 80%. The grade depends on the grade boundaries which are set by the examination board and may be varied for the purpose of standardisation.

What is your grade if you got 12 out of 47 questions wrong?

Your score on a test is based on the number of questions answered correctly, so the score is 35/47 = about 75%. The letter grade for that score is completely the teacher's decision.

How many questions are on the motorcycle permit test in minnesota?

There are 35 questions

If you have 50 questions on a test and you get 35 questions right - what percent did you get?

It is 70%

What grade would you get for answering 20 out of 35 questions right?

57% or F

How many questions can you miss to get a 75 percent on a 140 question test?


What is your score if you miss 5 questions on a 35 question test?

It is: 30/35 or 85.714% to 3 decimal places providing all answered questions were correct

How do you figure grades on a 35 question test?

Assuming that you want a percentage grade, you'll have 100 points on the test. If we also assume that all of the questions are equally weighted (that is, some questions aren't worth more points than others) each correct question will be worth 100/35 points, or about 2.86 points. That means that if a student answered 25 of the 35 questions correctly, she would have a score of 25 * 2.86, or 71.5% Alternately, you could find a simple percentage by simply dividing the number of correct questions by the total number of questions. In our case, that would be 25/35, or .714, or 71.4%

What is your grade if you get 20 math questions correct out of 35 math questions?

-- Your score is 57 percent.-- Your grade depends on whatever the teacher decides is the grade for 57 percent.-- Personally, I can't imagine a teacher awarding a passing grade for a score of 57 percent.

What is the percentage if 1 question was wrong out of 35 questions on a test?

Wrong . . . . . 2.86% Correct . . . . 97.14%

How many questions must you get right to pass an Irish driving theory test?

35 out of 40.

What is the percent if 26 question were wrong out of 40 question on test?

40-26=14 questions answered correctly. 14/40=.35 Therefore the percentage of the test would be 35%

Jonathan answered 28 out of 35 questions correctly on his chemistry test What is his percent score?

28/35 x 100 = 80 percent.

How many question have you got wrong if you go 91 percent of 35?

I took a test that had 35 questions. I got a 91%, how many did I miss?

How many questions can you miss to get a 50 percent on a 35 question test?

To get a 50% on the test, you need at least (50/100) * 35 = 17.5 questions correct. If half credit is not possible, you need to get at least 18 questions correct to get a score of at least 50%. A score of 17 will be just shy of 50%.

On a biology test a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass On a second attempt the student got 35 questions correct What was the percent of increase?

The percent that 35 is increased from 25 is (35 - 25) / 25 * 100, or 40 percent.

How many questions is there on the Wisconsin learners permit test?

First sign test of around 15 of them And on rules of the road/ safety around 35

If i scored a 55 on my pre-test and 90 on my final what would the percent of increase in my grade be?


If you have 35 questions on a test and you get 33 questions right- what percent did you get?

33 ÷ 35 = .94 (rounded off) To change a decimal to percentage, move decimal point 2 steps to the right. So .94 = 94 %

Robin got 26 out of 40 test questions correct. What percent of robin's answers were wrong answers?


What is the grade if you miss 9 out of 35?

The score is 74%. The grade letter will depend on the grade boundary.

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide 35 food grade on PEI?

Where to buy hydrogen peroxide 35 food grade on P.E.I.

How many points will be taken off for each question on a 35 questions test?

If the test is worth 100 points, each question would be worth approximately 2.86 points.

How many questions are on the permit test in Iowa?

There are 35 questions and you have to get 28 of them right. Study the book and you'll do fine, and if you think you need more practice look for a free online practice test. I've found one here at