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Q: 39 13 feet 75 12 feet 50 16 feet 120 feet how much would it cost to fence in the property if fencing cost 5.00 per foot?
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How much does it cost to fence in two acres electric fencing?


If a wooden fence is to be built around a 24 meter by 32 meter lot how many meters of fencing will be needed and If the wood for the fence costs 21.25 per meter what will the wood for the fence cost?

you'll need 112 meters of fencing and it'll cost about $2,380.00 .

What is the average cost for a deer fence?

Deer fencing costs can vary depending on how big the property is, however an average cost can fall between the lower thousands. $1000-$3000 will get the job done.

How much does a new fence cost?

Depends on the square footage and what kind of fencing you are looking for.

What does it cost to fence a field 120m long and 50m wide if fencing cost 25 per meter?

i dont no

What are the property-fencing laws in Montgomery county Maryland?

Is there a stand off distance along a property line between two single family homes for a fence to be installed, if one of the two homeowners does not care to have the fence installed and does not want to split the cost of having the fence installed? JR McCulloch (301) 903-6721

What would be the cost of a wrought iron fence approximately 20 feet long?

20 feet of wrought iron fencing will cost approximately $400 for the fencing itself, more or less depending on the height of the fencing. Installation prices will likely vary heavily depending on the contracter you select. and the area you live in.

What is the cost of a pool fence?

You're probably looking at a couple thousand dollars. What it really comes down to is the material used for the fence, how much fencing is required, and the installation.

How much do horse fences cost?

The cost of fencing can vary greatly depending on the type of fence you are building. Another factor would be how much land you are fencing. But if the fences are for horses you can't go cheap. Horses must be kept in safe no-climb stock wire fence or other types of fencing made just for horses. But the price will most likely be several thousand dollars. The price will go up if you have to hire someone to build for you.

Is an aluminum fence better than an iron fence around a salt water swimming pool?

Much better, Aluminum Fencing does not rust or have color fading like iron fences. Aluminum fencing is a much more cost effective fence than other products around salt water.

How much will cost to fence a 5 area property?

give land lots of land with the moon and stars above ...........dont fence me in......

Is it smart to get fencing equipment for a 11 year old?

That depends on how long they've been fencing. If they want to fence in a tournament or want to keep fencing for a while, it may be a good idea. Equipment can cost a lot, so you might want to consider your decision carefully.

What does a chicken fence cost?

What does chicken fence costs? Chicken fence costs around under twenty dollars give or take. You can go to a hardware store and do your price check There are several different kinds of fencing. some in lengths, Height and width.

Can you put up a fence with permission then land sold and i want to move it can i?

If you "put up" the fence, one might presume that you purchased the materials and provided the labor, making it "your" fence, even though it may be located on land owned by someone else. Under this theory you did not "give" them the fence; rather they "permitted" you to occupy part of their property with your fence. The fence did not get sold with the property, as it was not theirs to sell. You may reclaim your fence by asking permission to enter the property and remove your personal property; the fence. If the new owners do not permit you access, you can obtain permission from the court to enter the property to remove your fence, or obtain an order for the landowner to remove you fence and return it to you at your cost. It would help to have an affidavit from the previous owner that states it is your fence. If the previous owner disagrees, or the new owner claims the fence is now his, then you can sue the previous owner and new owner, jointly and severally, for the value of your fence that they have "converted" to their own personal use, or sue in replevin to obtain the return of your property. This will be a fine welcome to the neighborhood for the new owners!

What is the average cost for pool fencing?

The cost to make a fence around your pool is going to cost around $15-$19 per linear foot, depending on what material you use for your fence. With most fences being around 30-60 feet, the lowest cost will be $450 (if you go with the less expensive material, and only a 30 foot fence), all the way up to $1140 (that is a 60 foot fence for $19 per foot of material).So the cost of your fence can range anywhere between $450-$1140, depending on how big and what materials are used.

If fencing costs 15 dollars a yard and you need 389 feet of fencing how much will the fence cost to put around a yard?

389 feet of fencing is equal to 129 2/3 yards. 129 2/3 times 15 = $1945

If 8 feet of fencing cost 12.40 how much does 36 feet of fencing cost?


How much does a wooden fence for a horse paddock costapproximately 200 feet?

The cost of a wooden fence depends entirely on what type of wood is being used. It will also depend on how many "bars" will be on the fencing (for example, two, three, or four).

Can a lien be put on a property where one owner pays for a block wall -fence- that separates 2 properties -along property line- and the other owner does not pick up half of the cost?

no it cant both owners have to consent to paying for the fence or the one that has the fence put up is responsible.

What is the average cost of an aluminum fence?

The average cost for aluminum fencing at sizes between 48 inches and 54 inches by 72 inches is roughly $50. The price goes up if the aluminum is coated with a weather seal. The average cost of an aluminum fence is about 500 dollars. That will also depend on the size and scale of your project.

What is the average cost of a split rail fence in Oregon?

depending on season/material, i'd say $3-$5 per LF for 2 rail cedar fencing

A rectangle parking area will be enclosed by a fence The fencing for the front of the lot which faces the street will cost 20 more pre foot than the fencing for the other three sides Need a formula?

(A sq.+B sq.=C sq. ) - (area fore the gate) The gate cost you 20% more

What is the best type of fencing for horses?

The best type of horse fence will be sturdy and safe for the horses and humans working around it. Typically non-climb woven wire horse fencing with wooden posts and a top board are considered to be the safest choice. Small animals cannot get in, the horses cannot get out or get caught in the fence and it's relatively cost effective. To strengthen the fence you can add a line of electric/hot rope along the top.

How much would a chain link fence around .18 acres of land cost?

There are many factors involved in figuring the cost of any kind of fencing. One estimate I came up with showed about $2,000 US to fence an area of 90 feet by 90 feet square, five-foot high chain link, with one three-foot walk-through gate. However, there are a couple of online tools I like to use for chain link fencing. See the related links below.

How much will it cost to fence a circular swimming pool at the edge of the pool if it has a diameter of 35 feet and fencing costs 12.50 per foot use equals 3.14?

The answer is 1373.75