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California - and the 5 th largest economy in the world

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Q: 3rd largest state by area but has largest population?
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Is California the largest state in the US?

California is the largest state by population, but not by land area. By land area, California is 3rd, behind Alaska and Texas.

Is China the 3rd largest country?

No, the US is the 3rd largest country by population and area.

Where is bihar?

Bihar is a state in India. It lies in the eastern region and is the 12th largest state by area and 3rd largest by population. its capital is Patna, which is also the biggest city.

What is the 3rd largest US State by area in the US?


3rd largest state?

Based on area, the largest U.S. states are #1 Alaska, #2 Texas, and #3 California. Based on population, the largest U.S. states are #1 California, #2 Texas, and #3 Florida.

Is the US is one of the 10 largest countries in the world?

Yes - it's ranked 4th largest by area, and 3rd in population.

Which state is larger California or Montana?

California is about 11% larger in total area. It is the 3rd largest US state, and Montana is the 4th largest.

What is the 3rd largest city in Mexico?

The city of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo Leon, with a population of 3,664,331.

Where does Ohio rank in the US?

Ohio Rankings:34th in area.7th in population.17th State.1st in Swiss Cheese production.2nd largest producer of eggs.3rd largest tomato producer.5th largest milk producing state.6th largest corn producer.8th largest grape producer.

Is California the biggest state?

California ranks 3rd in area but 1st in population. California is 3rd biggest. Alaska is by far the biggest state.

What is the third biggest state in the U S?

California has total area of 163,694 square miles which includes 155,779 square miles of land. California is the 3rd largest U.S. state based on land area behind Alaska and Texas. Based on population Florida is the third largest U.S. state behind California and Texas.

Is North America the 3rd biggest continent in the world?

By area, yes. By population, North America is the fourth largest.

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