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Q: 400ft by 500ft is how many acrers?
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How many acres is 360ft by 500ft?

4.13223 acres.

How many acres is 600ft by 400ft?

5.51 acres

What is 0.287 hectares in acrers?

0.287 hectares is 0.71 acres.

How fast does a well hit baseball travel in the Major leagues I know there are lots of variables but ballpark?

400ft 400ft 400ft

How many yards is 500ft?

166 yards and 2 feet.

How many yards is 400ft?

400 ft = 133.3333 yd

How many acres are in 400ft by 350ft?

3.2 (3.21395776) acres.

How many meters are in 400ft?

400 feet is 121.92 meters.

How many yards are equals to 500ft?

500 feet = 166.66667 yards

How many square miles is 500ft x 2183ft?

0.164 sq miles approx.

How many feet should a car be behind a fire truck?

You must be at least 500ft

How many ft equals to 4800 in?

1ft = 12in. 4ft = 48in. Therefore, 4800in. = 400ft.