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I assume you mean that 55 percent of the registered voters voted. That being the case, and using x = 100 percent, then .55x = 48000; divide both sides by .55 and the number of registered voters is approximately 87273.

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Q: 48000 people voted in the last election in the town of Southboro If only 55 of the registered voters voted in the last election how many people are registered to vote?
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How many registered voters are in Georgia?

In 2012 Georgia had 5,804,812 registered voters. Of those registered voters, only 3,900,050 turned out to vote in the 2012 Presidential election.

Who votes in election for senators?

The election is in each state and registered voters vote for senate.

In a US election, what are the two requirements for voting?

Voters must be eligible and registered.

How many registered Independent voters are there in the US?

Enough for obama to win the election

How many people voted for the election In new zealand in 2011?

aprox. 72.5% of registered voters in NZ voted in 2011.

How many votes for each candidate in 2008 Presidential election?

Obama received 66,882,230 votes, which amounted to 39.6% of the registered voters. McCain received 58,343,677 votes. There were approximately 169 million registered voters for the 2008 election.

How many registered voters are in Alabama?

During the last general election in 2012, Alabama had 3,035,690 registered voters. In most cases, Alabama does not differentiate between Republicans and Democrats.

How is the prime minister elected in Trinidad?

there is an election and registered voters can vote for the party they want to win

How many registered voters in Texas actually voted in presidential election?

About 8,087,000 votes were cast in Texas in the 2008 presidential election.

Can an independent vote for whomever they want?

independent is a misnomer,voters not registered with a political party are UNAFFILIATED voters but yes,of course [ in a general election]

What is the percentage of registered voters in US elections?

there are supposedly 575,000 registered voters in detroit. there are only 625,000 people over 18 there! 92% are registered to vote?

Forty percent of all registered voters in a national election are female A random sample of 5 voters is selected The probability that the sample contains 2 female voters is?


How many new registered voters for 2008 election in the United States?

5 million 5 million

In which type of primary election do voters not need to be registered members of the party in order to vote?

Open primary

What is a word for people that vote during an election?


How many registered voters in Oregon?

in 2004 there were about 2,049,000 registered voters in Oregon

In which type of primary election can only voters registered as party members vote in the party primary?

closed primary

What type of primary election can only voters registered as party members vote in the party primary?

open primary

How many regestered voters are in Florida and California?

Florida ~11,000,000 registered voters California ~27,000,000 registered voters

What do you mean by voters list?

Any citizen who has registered to vote in a General Election, or in a Local Election, is put on to the Electoral Register (sometimes known as the Electoral Roll).

Where do voters choose the people who will represent them in government?

in a general election

How many registered voters are there California?

There are 17.3 million registered voters in the state of california.

How many registered voters in Washington?

As of Oct. 12, Washington has 3,575,498 registered voters.

How many registered Republican voters are in Delaware?

There are 183,301 registered Republican voters in Delaware.

How many registered voters are there in Illinois?

There are 538 total electoral votes and a presidential candidate needs 270 to win the election.