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Q: 48 more than the quotient of a number and 64?
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Related questions

What is 48 more than the quotient between a number and 64?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to x/64 + 48.

What is 48 more then the quotient of a number and 64?

n = x/64 + 48

How do you find the quotient of a number?

A number subtracted from 17 gives the quotient of 48 and -8. Find the number.

What is the quotient of 48 and 4?

With definition it means devision of a given number...therefore 48 divided by 4 equals 12

what is the expression of the quotient 48 and 12?

Quotient means that answer that you have gotten when you have divided the numbers, therefore quotient of 48 and 12=4

What number is 7 more than 48?

48 plus 7 equals 55.

What is 48 more than a number b?

Any number can be the solution to x = b + 48

Is 48 a prime number?

No because 48 has more than two factors and so therefore it is a composite number

What is 195 divided by 4 rounded to the nearest quotient?


What does number 10 more than 48?


When you divided 48 by 6 48 is called the?

In any division sum involving two numbers, such as 48/6 = 8, the first number, 48, is called the dividend. The second number is the divisor and the third, the answer, is called the quotient.

What is 3041divided by 63 with a whole number and remeiber?


Is 48 a prime or composite number?

48 is a composite number because it can be divided by more than two numbers besides 1 and 48. (6x8=48)

What number does Fred live at if his house number is less than 51 more than a prime number and has ten factors?


The quotient of a number and four decreased by ten is two?

X divided by 4 - 10=2 x=48

Is 48 prime composite or neither?

A prime number is a number that is divisible only by 1 and itself; it has no other factors. A composite number is a number that is divisible by more than two numbers - more than 1 and itself. The factors of 48 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 48. Therefore, it is a composite number.

What is the answer to 10 more than the product of 48 and a number?


Translate If the quotient of a number and 6 is added to twice the number the result it 8 less than the number x equals?


Am a number less than 59. I am greater than 48. My ones digit is 2 more than my tens digit?

The number is 57.

Is 48 a composite number or prime number?

composite because it has more than 2 factors

What is the quotient of 75 and 48?

75/48 = 1.5625

What number is ten times more than forty eight?

It is: 48/10 = 4.8

A number n decreased by 15 is no more than 48?


what is estimate the quotient when 3967 is divided by 48?


What is the quotient of 48 and 12?

It is: 4

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