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The radius of the largest circle you can fit is 2.72cm

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Q: 4 circles are drawn inside a big circle of radius 10 cm in such a way that there is no overlaping and all 4 are equal in size what is the radius of the largest circle that you can draw in the middle?
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What is periphery of 5 circles in one circle?

If 5 circles are inside the one circle, then the periphery is of the one circle. The periphery depends on the diameter of the one circle. The number of circles inside won't make any difference.

How do you recognize a depression on a topographic map?

circles inside circles with teeth inside the last circle

What is a circle inside a circle called?

Concentric Circles

A line that is tangent to two circles?

... touches each circle in exactly one point on each circle. given any two circles where none is entirely inside or inside and tangent to the other, there are at most four straight lines that are tangent to both circles.

What if two circles touch each other the one circle is inside the other?

The centres and the point of contact are all in a straight line, if the circle is inside or outside.

What does a concentric circle look like?

A concentric circle looks like a bullseye or a target. It is a big circle with littler circles inside of it with the same centerponit

How do you create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio of circles to triangles is 2 to 3?

To create three different drawings showing a number of circles and triangles in which the ratio is 2:3 you can: Start with an equilateral triangle, draw a circle inside it, draw an equilateral triangle inside the circle, draw a circle in the triangle and then draw an equilateral tiangle in the smallest circle. Or, you could draw 3 triangles and 2 circles in a line. Or, you could draw 3 triangles on a line with 2 circles between them.

How do you find the gap of one cirlcle in a larger circle?

Find the area of both circles (A = πr2) and subtract the area of the larger circle from that of the smaller circle inside it.

How do you draw a panda?

Draw a big circle for the body.Draw a smaller circle on top of that circle to be the head. Draw three little circles inside the top circle to be the eyes and nose. Draw two little circles on top of the top circle for the ears. Draw four cylinders off the large circle for the legs.

What is the length of a chord in a circle?

chords inside circles can be any length from the diameter to almost zero length.

The INCENTER of a triangle is the center of the only circle that can be inscribed inside it?

Of course not! There are an infinite number of smaller circles.

How many shapes have infinite line of symmetry?

Circles and discs (separate things as a circle is the edge or circumference only wereas a disk is inside of circle also)