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40 pennies, 8 nickels, 2 dimes

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Q: 50 coins to equal one dollar?
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Related questions

A man has five coins that equal 50 cents but none are dimes how is this possible?

Each coin is a half-dollar. If you have five coins that equal 50 cents, then you have five half-dollars. Each half-dollar equals 50 cents.

How do you make one dollar with 50 coins?


Does 50 pennies equal one dollar?

No, 50 pennies is 50 cents. That is half of a dollar.

You have in one hand two us coins equal 55 cents?

55 = 5 + 50 nickel and half dollar

What does 44 half dollar coins equal?

44 half dollar coins equals 22 dollars face value (value of the coins may be worth more than 50 cents each).

How can you use 50 coins to equal a dollar without using quarters?

the answer is 2 dimes, 8 nickels and 40 pennies

How much is 2 quarters?

two quarters is equal to one half.

How can you use 50 coins to equal a dollar?

dime - 2 nickel - 8 penny - 40

Do they make 50 dollar coins?

Not in the US.

What are 50 ways to make change for one dollar?

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar using the coins of a penny thru 1/2 dollar

What combination of Australian coins equal 50 grams?

One each of the 5, 10, 20 and 50 cent, 1 Dollar and 2 Dollar coins = 50.95 grams. Australian coins have the following weights - 1 cent - 2.59 grams 2 cent - 5.18 grams 5 cent - 2.83 grams 10 cent - 5.66 grams 20 cent - 11.31 grams 50 cent - 15.55 grams 1 Dollar - 9 grams 2 Dollar - 6.6 grams The 1 and 2 cent coins are still legal tender.

How much does one dollar equal in Ethiopia?

one ethiopian dollar equalls about 10birr and 50 cents.... selam yager lij

If you have two coins that equal 55 cents and one is not a nickel what are they?

It's a 50 cent piece and a 5 cent piece.The 50 cent is not a nickel... even if the nickel is. So one is not a nickel, the other one is.the FIRST coin (number one) is a half-dollar. the SECOND coin (number two) is a nickel. one is a half-dollar, not a nickelThe question is generally asked: what two coins total 55 cents if one of them is not a nickel?The answer: a half dollar (which is not a nickel), and a nickel.The coins are a half dollar and a nickel. It's a trick question - the half dollar is the coin that's not a nickel.The way I've heard this answered is: One is a half-dollar and the other one is a nickle.

50 cents of Singapore dollar into Indian rupees?

These days the value of the Singapore dollar is hovering around Rs. 34 per dollar. 50 cents is equal to ½ dollar or half dollar. So 50 cents can be said as equal to be Rs. 17 in Indian terms. Of course this number would keep change as the value of the Singapore dollar changes.

How many 20c coins make 5.00 dollars?

There are no 20c coins.If you are talking about 25c coins then - 20 coins would make $5.If you are talking about 10c coins then - 50 coins would make $5* * * * *There may not be 20 cent coins for the US dollar but there certainly are for the Australian dollar. And 25 of them would make 5.00 dollars.

How many twenty dollar bills equal one thousand dollars?


What 5 coins add up to 50 cents and the coins are not the same?

two quarters, two dimes and a nickel: One half dollar, and one dime and two nickels

What 26 coins with equal one dollar?

If you have 2 quarters, 2 dimes, 2 nickels and 20 pennies, you'll have a buck in 26 coins. 2 x 25 cents = 50 cents 2 x 10 cents = 20 cents 2 x 5 cents = 10 cents 20 x 1 cent = 20 cents ____________________ 26 coins = 100 cents (one dollar)

If you receive 12 coins after inserting a dollar bill how many nickels did you receive?

One solution is 10 nickels, because if you put in a dollar it can be broken into: 2 quarters (50 cents) so 50 cents are left, and you have 10 coins left to use If these 10 coins are all nickels, (total: 50 cents), the problem is solved! .5 +.5 =1 dollar

What three coins make a dollar?

One half dollar (50 cent piece) and two quarter dollars (25 cent each piece)

You have two US coins that have a total value of 55 cents and one of them is not a nickel What are the two coins?

If one of the two coins isn't a nickel, then that means the other coin is. The other coin is then a half-dollar. A nickel is worth $0.05 and the half-dollar is worth $0.50. So, 50+5= $0.55.

If you have two US coins in your pocket that equal to 55 cents and one isn't a nickel what are the two coins in your pocket?

A half dollar and a nickel. One of them isn't a nickel, the other one is.

If you have 50 coins with a value of one dollar what are the coins and how many of each do you have?

You have 40 pennies, 8 nickels and 2 dimes. 40+40+20=100

If you have two us coins that equals 55 cents and one coin is not a nickel?

Impossible, because if you were to have a half dollar, you would have to have a nickel. Also if you were to have 2 quarters, it would equal 50 cents, thus, impossible.

Is 1 dollar and 25 cents equal to 50 cents equal to?

No, they are not equal.