53 Degrees N 13 Degrees E?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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It looks like an aproximate equidistant point in round coordinates among Banzendorf (N), Ronnebeck (E), Keller (S) and Klosterheide (W). Lindow is far south.

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Q: 53 Degrees N 13 Degrees E?
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Where is 53 n 13 e?

Berlin germany

What are Berlin's coordinates?

52 degrees N, 13 degrees E

What is the latitude and longitude of Beirut?

33° 53′ 13″ N, 35° 30′ 47″ E

What are the approximate latitude and longitude of Persepolis?

Ancient Persia is the area that we now know as the country of Iran. The latitude and longitude of Iran is 32 degrees N, 53 degrees E.

What mountains are 43 degrees N latitude 13 degrees E longitude?

The Apennine Mountains are located at 43 degrees N latitude and 13 degrees E longitude. They run along the length of Italy from north to south.

What are the coordinates for Shanghai China?

latitude is 31 degrees north, and longitude 121 degrees east.

What is the approximate longitude of Tehran?

The Latitude and Longitude of Iran is 32°00' N and 53°00'E.

What is the longitude and latitude of wailing wall?

Latitude: N 31° 46' 36.2424", Longitude: E 35° 14' 3.6348"

What city is at 48 degrees n and 53 degrees w?

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

What is the latitude and longitude of Berlin?

The latitude is: 52.5 The longitude is: 13 52 degrees 30.5 minutes North 13 degrees 9 minutes East

What is the Degrees of the Philippines in the globe?

(* for degrees) The Philippines encompass over 7,000 islands but the larger islands are within these perimeters: most northern point is 18* 39' 5.2196" N, 120* 50' 33.8745" E or 18.65145* N, 120.842743* E on Luzon, most southern point is 5* 33' 21.0526" N, 125* 19' 45.4248" E or 5.555848* N, 125.329285* E on Mindanao, most eastern point is 8* 20' 30.4196" N, 117* 10' 28.2394" E or 8.341783* N, 117.74511* E on Palawan, and most western point is 7* 17' 20.6668" N, 126* 36' 17.873" E or 7.289074* N, 126.604965* E on Mindanao.

What are the latitude and longitude coordinates of Niger's capital city?

Latitude: 04°49'60"NLongitude: 06°00'00"E