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Q: 5 3 plus 2 15 plus 10 is an example of the associative property for addition true or false?
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9 plus 8 plus 1 equals 9 plus 1 plus 8 is it true or false?

True. Addition of natural numbers obeys associative and commutative property.

What type location of a whole number is associative truth or false?

TRUE = 1, FALSE = 0.

Is this statement true or falseMOP is an example of the Reflexive Property of Similarity?


Is -9 plus 0 equals 9 identity property of addition?

No, because it's a false statement. -9+0=-9 would be the identity property.

5 plus 3 plus 7 equals 5 plus 7 plus 3 true or false?

5 plus 3 plus 7 does equal 5 plus 7 plus 3; this is an example of the commutative property of addition. Therefore, the statement is true.

Do common metals have the property of being ductile or is this false?

This would be false.

Property of mass is a measure of how heavy an object is true are false?


A ratio is a comparison of two numbers by addition true or false?

FALSE .... by division.

True or false the freezing point of water can be lowered with the addition of salt?


What is the distributive property of 8 times 15 equals 8?

It is not the distributive property. The statement in the question is simply FALSE.

Are advertisements such as this property for sale an offer?


The Constitution does not allow the addition of new states?

it is false!!