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Six take away B times five B plus 30 equals 1. This is a math problem.

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Q: 6-b 5b plus 30
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What is 3a-5b plus 6b-2a plus 3b-7b?

add like terms: 3a -2a -5b + 6b +3b - 7b = a -3b

6b plus 7 5b -4b plus 1?

The answer to 6b plus 7 times 5-4b plus 1 equals 38. This is taught in math.

Simplify fully 4a plus 5b minus 2a plus b?


What is 5b-3-2b equals 6b plus 3?

5b - 3 - 2b = 6b - 3 3b - 3 = 6b - 3 3b - 6b = 3 - 3 b = 0

Can 30 plus ab plus 6b plus 5a be factored?

30 + ab + 6b + 5a = 5(a+6) + b(a+6) = (b+5)(a+6)

What is the full answer to the equation -5b 24-8(b-6) 6b?

Without an equality sign and not knowing the plus or minus values of 24 and 6b the given terms can't be considered to be an equation

How do you factor 30bยฒ-19b-63?

(6b + 7)(5b - 9)

Can you help me simplify 20a plus 14-8a-7 and b plus 6b-2b?

20a plus 14 will be 34a minus 8a minus 7 34a minus 8 is 26a minus 7 is 19a. The single b is 1b plus 6b which is 7b minus 2b equals 5b.

How do you play Mario's theme on harmonica?

I Don't know the full song, but I can show the intro to start you off. B=blow - D=draw 5b - 5b - 5b - 4b - 5b - 6b - 4b

What is 11b plus 6b?

11b + 6b = 17b

What is 3a plus 6b?

3a+6b are two terms of an expression

What is 6b plus b plus b equal to?

6b+b+b is the same as 6b+1b+1b you can add the numbers together if the variables are the same. 6b+1b+1b=8b

6b plus 5a-4b plus 3a?

6b+5a-4b+3a= ? Rearrange it as 5a+3a+6b-4b = 8a+2b

What is a variable minus a number and variable?

a variable minus a number and the same variable is b-6b= -5b

What is 6b plus 2cb?


What is the polynomials of b2-6b plus 8?

The polynomial IS b2 - 6b + 8.

What is 12a plus 6b plus 9a plus 14b equals?

12a + 6b + 9a + 14b =(12a + 9a) + (6b + 14b) =21a + 20b

What is the expression of 6a plus 6b?


How do you factor out 1080b cubed plus 5?

1080b3 + 5 = 5*(216b3 + 1) = 5*(6b + 1)(36b2 - 6b + 1)

6b plus 6 equals 2b plus 12 what is b?


What is the simplified version of 6b plus 3b plus 8b?

It is 17b when simplified

What is 7 plus 4b plus 3b plus 6b plus 5?

7 + 4b + 3b + 6b + 5 =7 + 13b + 5 =12 + 13b

Factor 6b minus 6ac plus 6b squared minus 6bc?

6(b - ac + b2 - bc)

What is the coefficient of the term 13a in the expression 13a plus 6b?


Simplify 2a plus 3b plus 5a plus 6 plus 3b?


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