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100 pennies = one dollar

77000 pennies = $770 and no cents

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Q: 77000 pennies equals how many dollars and cents?
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Four dollars equals how many pennies?

400 cents (pennies) = 4 dollars

How many dollars equip one million pennies?

1 million pennies are 1,000,000 cents. Since $1 equals to 100 cents, 1,000,000 cents is equal to $10,000.

How much quarters are in a dollar?

Coin or banknote: Quantity: dollars half-dollars quarters dimes nickel pennies cents dollars half-dollars quarters dimes nickels pennies cents 4 quarters equals: 4 quarters equals 1 dollar

20000 pennies equals how many dollars?

20,000 pennies is the same as $200. There are 100 cents in a dollar, so you simply need to divide 20,000 by 100 to find out how many dollars are in that many cents.

How much dollars and cents is 1183 pennies?

11 dollars, 83 cents.

What 6 dollars 16 nickels and 42 pennies equal?

16 nickels equal 80 cents plus 42 cents equals 122 cents so the final answer is 7 dollars and 22 cents

How much cents are in 1000 dollars?

100,000 cents or pennies

Six dollars equal how many pennies?

6 dollars equal how many pennies? I can answer that. You see, 1 dollar equals to 100 pennies. That means that 6 dollars = 600 pennies. I hope you understand me.

How many pennies are in 60 dollars?

Assuming that by "pennies" you mean cents, the answer is 6000.

How many pennies are in 750 dollars?

$750.00 = 75,000 pennies (cents in the US).

How many pennies in 2300 dollars?

2,300 dollars = 230,000 cents

How many pennies are in eight quarters?

200. A quarter (quarter dollar) is 25 cents, 25/100 of a dollar. Eight quarters equals 2 dollars = 200 cents = 200 pennies.

How many dollars in 45 millions pennies?

Assuming you mean cents of the same kind of dollars, divide the pennies by 100 to get the equivalent in dollars.

How much pennies make 20000 dollars?

2,000,000 pennies make 20,000 dollars. 2 million pennies = 2 million centsโ€ฆ

How many dollars are in 2153693963075557766310747 pennies?

21,536,939,630,755,577,663,107 Dollars and 47 cents.

How many pennies in 1100 dollars?

There's 100 pennies in a dollar, so in $1100 there are 110,000 pennies.

How many cents make 10?

10 dollars is equal to 1,000 cents, or pennies.

What are one hundred of these in one dollars?

In American currency 100 cents equals 1 dollar.

How many dollars is fifty pennies?

Fifty pennies (50 cents) is 1/2 of a dollar.

What is 5000 pennies worth in money?

In the US there are 100 pennies or cents to a US dollar, therefore 5000 divided by 100 equals 50 as is the case in the rest of the world. So 5000 pennies would be worth 50 dollars.

How many pennies are in three dollars?

A dollar is 100 cents so there are 300 cents in 3 dollars.

How does 3 pennies and 1 dime equal 14 cents?

It does not. It equals only 13 cents. 1 dime = 10 cents or pennies so total 13 cents.

How many dollars is 50000 pennies?

50,000 is 500 dollarsNote: there are 100 pennies (cents) in a dollar.

What is the value of a British 1 coin?

It depends, there are several different coins. Here they are in US currency. Copper Coins: Small Coin (1 penny) is about 1.5 cents. Large Coin (2 pennies) is about 3 cents. Round Nickel Coins: Small (5 pennies) is about 7.5 cents Large (10 pennies) is about 15 cents Polygon Nickel Coins: Small (20 pennies) is about 30 cents Large (50 pennies) is about 75 cents Cupro-Nickel Coins: Small (1 pound) is about 1.5 dollars Large (2 pounds) is about 3 dollars Larger (5 pounds) is about 7.5 dollars 100 pennies to the pound

How many pennies are in 1729.51 dollars?

Assuming you mean cents, there are 100 cents in one dollar. Therefore, 1729.51 dollars is equal to 1729.51 x 100 = 172951 cents.