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77 cc is equals to 77 grams....which means 1cc = 1g

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Q: 77cc equals how many grams?
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How many cups is 77cc?

77cc = 0.32 of a cup.

A 1000mg equals how many grams?

1000mg equals how many grams?

300 grams of sugar equals how many cups?

300 grams of sugar equals how many cups

454 grams equals how many grams?

454 grams equals 454 grams.

5.6kg equals how many grams?

It equals 5.60 grams

How many cups equals 415 grams?

415 grams equals how many cups

0.004 kilograms equals how many grams?

it equals 4 grams

72mg equals how many grams?

72 mg equals 0.072 grams

23.7g equals to how many grams?

uhhh... 23.7g equals 23.7 grams....

5.5kg equals how many grams?

5.5 kg equals 5,500 grams

2 cups flour equals how many grams?

It is equals to 256 grams

What is 14 grams of yeast in a tablespoons?

14 grams of yeast equals how many teaspoons

14 grams of sugar is how many teaspoons?

1 ounce equals 28 grams; therefore, 1 tablespoon equals 14 grams

295 grams equals how many cc?

295 grams =how many cc

How many cups is 220 grams?

220 grams equals 0.93 cups

How many 6 ounces equals how many grams?

One qunce(oz.av) equals 28.35 grams in weight.

20 milligrams equals how many grams?

20 milligrams equals 0.020 grams.

How many pounds equals 57 grams?

0.125 pounds equals 57 grams

35 milligrams equals how many grams?

35 milligrams equals 0.035 grams

300 grams equals equals how many kilograms?

300 grams = 0.3 kilograms

8 kilograms equals how many grams?

8 kilograms equals 8,000 grams

A teaspoon of tea equals how many grams?

A teaspoon of tea equals 4.92892161458 grams.

.25 oz equals how many grams?

0.25 ounces equals 7 grams.

10000 grams equals how many kiligrams?

10000 grams equals 10 kilograms.

400 grams equals how many centigrams?

400 grams equals 40,000 centigrams.