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2 quarters and 5 dimes would be 7 coins that total to 1 dollar. 5 nickels, 1 quarter and 1 half dollar would be another combination.

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Q: 7 coins in a dollar
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How many different combinations is there for having only 7 coins equaling to a dollar?

The answer will depend on the country whose dollar you mean. Different countries, that use dollar, have coins of different denominations.

How many 20 cent coins in 7 dollars?

it's possible only if there are 20 cent coins only for that 7 dollars 1 dollar = 100 cents, 100 cents = 5 of 20 cent coins since you need 5 of 20 cent coins for a dollar, you do 7 times of it. 7 X 5 = 35. Therefore, you need 35 of 20 cent coins for 7 dollars. (or there are 35 of 20 cent coins in 7 dollars)

Kent Jones has 1.95 consisting of 7 US coins However he cannot make change for a nickel or a half-dollar What coins does he have?

1 dollar, 1 half dollar, 4 dimes and a nickel.

How do you make a dollar with 7 coins?

5 dimes and 2 quarters.

7 coins to make a dollar?

2 quarters 5 dimes

26 coins in a dollar which ones?

None. There are no coins in a dollar. A dollar is a paper bill.

What silver dollar has the most value?

The term "Silver Dollar" covers 7 different series (the coins that actually contain silver) of one dollar coins struck by the US from 1794 to 1935. Please be more specific and post new question.

How many dollar coins weighs 1 pound?

62 copper dollar coins

What 25 coins make a dollar?

3 dollar 3 coins

What is the silver content of 1973 cook island dollar coin?

There were no 1 Dollar silver coins in 1973 from Cook Islands. It was only in copper-nickel. There were 2 Dollar or 2-1/2 Dollar or 7-1/2 Dollar 1973 coins all with 0.925 silver.

How do you make 1.57 with nine coins?

A dollar coin, a fifty-cent piece and 7 pennies.

What 7 coins equal 1.50?

A half-dollar, 3 quarters, 2 dimes and a nickel.◄

How do you make a dollar using 7 coins?

A 50 cent piece, a quarter and 5 nickels.

Are the dollar coins worth anything?

Dollar coins are worth... ready?... $1.00

What is the value of an 1878 Morgan dollar 7 tail feathers?

Circulated coins run from $17.00-$31.00 retail and mint state coins start at $60.00

Why is a dollar bill more valuable than coins?

Aside from the one dollar coin, other coins have a face value of less than one dollar. In the past, there were larger value coins, but they haven't been used since the 1930s.

What 9 coins equal a dollar?

A Quarter, a Nickel and 7 Dimes: 1 × 25 cents + 1 × 5 cents + 7 × 10 cents = 100 cents = 1 dollar.

Which of the US coins have circumferences greater than 68 millimeter?

The quarter dollar, the half dollar and all dollar coins.

Jill is trying to find all the different combinations of coins that will go into a dollar What is the least number of coins that are impossible to go into a dollar?

1 coin= $1 dollar piece 2 coins= 2 $0.50 pieces and so on. The least number of coins impossible to go into a dollar is 77 coins.

Can you spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins?

You can spend 2 dollar bills and dollar coins all day long in the United States.

Alexander had 2 one dollar coins 2 two dollar coins 3 fifty cent coins and 2 twenty coins what is the total amount?


What are all the different coins in US?

There are thousands of coins in the US, but if you mean circulation coins, there is the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, Native American dollar, and presidential dollar.

How do you make 1 dollar out of 29 coins?

One way is if you have 20 pennies, 7 dimes, and 2 nickels.

What is the value of a 1935 silver dollar?

7-19-11>>> A 1935 Peace Dollar is common and values are $35.00-$55.00 for circulated coins.

How many nickels are in 7 dollars?

A nickel is worth 5 cents so one dollar is the same as 20 nickels. $7 would then be 20 * 7 = 140 coins.

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