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7 girls have 14 legs total.

They each have four cats, so that's 28 cats with 112 legs total.

The 28 cats each have 3 kittens, so that's 84 kittens with 336 legs total.

462 legs total are on the bus.

But then 3 girls with 6 legs get off the bus.

Taking 12 cats with 48 legs off the bus.

And taking 36 kittens with 144 legs off the bus.

Or removing 198 legs from the bus total.

Leaving 264 legs on the bus.

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If the question is asking how many kittens there are, my answer is 48 KITTENS.

Work it out backwards... 1 cat has 2 kittens (which equals 3) and there are 2 cats with 2 kittens in each basket so there is 6 in 1 basket alone. There are 3 baskets so each girl will have a total of 18 cats. So therefore, between all 4 girls, there are 72 cats.\ :D

The answer to this commonly-posed riddle is that buses don't have legs, they have wheels. Therefore, the bus has no legs.

... If the cat who gets away gets OFF the bus, then there are 352 legs. If not, there are 356 legs. There's another variable, it's not clear if the four cats in each basket each have three kittens (each basket containing 16 animals), or if each basket has four cats and three kittens (each basket containing 7 animals).

The answer given is 364 but I do not agree. There are 9 baskets each with 3 cats in (=27 cats). Each cat has 3 kittens (=81 kittens). There are therefore 108 cats/kittens (=432 legs). 1 girl + bus driver left on bus (=4 legs). The number of legs is 432. Assume 364 is correct. 364 - 4 = 360 legs (girl + bus driver) 360/4 = 90 (cats/kittens) 90/9 baskets = 10 cats/kittens per basket, which is not as the riddle states.

For each girl: 4 kittens per cat, 4 cats per basket, 2 baskets, 2x4=8 8x4=32 32x4=128 8x3=32 1x2=2 128+32+2=162x4=648 legs.The above assumes two girls have left the bus. Alternately:Assumptions:> Assumes the girls are not yet off the bus as stated "6 girls are travelling on the bus... two girls are _getting off_ the bus" and as a result are still on the bus at the time of the leg count> Assumes that the kittens are with the cats in the basket and not at home> Assumes there is a driver and they have legs, but are not included as they are not referenced in the statement> Assumes no other passengers, animals, milliepedes or other creatures on the bus> Assumes no disembodied legs aboard> Assumes no tables with legs> Assumes legs on bus seats as information not provided> Assumes "standard" number of legs per animal / person> Assumes there is no ticket inspector> Assumes the baskets don't have legs> Assumes health and safety investigator/Animal Safety officer not on board to monitor 20 cats per basket. These are some big baskets.6 girls with 2 legs each= 6 * 2 legs= 12 legs6 girls have 2 baskets of 4 cats with 4 legs each= 6 * 2 * 4 * 4 legs= 192 legs6 girls have 2 baskets of 4 cats with 4 kittens with 4 legs= 6 * 2 * 4 * 4 * 4 legs= 768 legsTotal Legs= 12 + 192 + 768= 972 legs

If it's a typical lateral thinking problem then the answer is none. The bus has wheels not legs...

3 Girls : 6 legs 3 Cats : 12 legs x 3 baskets + 6 legs 2 kittens : 8 legs + 12 legs x 3 baskets + 6 legs 8 + 12 x 3 + 6 = 66. Therefore, there are 66 legs on the bus. (unless you include the bus driver .. which would sum up to 68 legs)

You said each girl holds 3 baskets in each hand, which means there are a total of 18 baskets. Multiply the number of baskets by 3 cats per basket and there are 54 cats with a total of 162 kittens. The total number of cats and kittens is 216 multiplied by 4 legs per animal and you have 864 legs. Then you must include the total number of girls' legs which is 6. Therefore you have 870 legs total. This is assuming there are no other passengers or a driver on the bus. Edit: This was a question on one of those dodgy TV shows. The answer given as correct was 250 legs. By my reckoning this is 250legs - 6 human legs = 244 cats legs, ie 61 cats. The only way I can see this being correct is if some of the 3 cats per basket are kittens from other cats!! Is there any equation whereby each cat would have 3 kittens with the total number being 61 cats??

there are 4 girls (8 legs) with 3 baskets each so there's 12 those baskets there are 4 cats. so there's 48 cats (192 legs). they say the cats have kittens... not that their on the bus though. there must be a bus driver so an extra 2 legs.they say there's a picture that goes with it and that it has 5 extra cats not in the baskets. that's 20 extra legs.the 4 girls has 8 legs.the 48 cats have 192 legsthere are now 200 legs.the 2 bus drivers legs so 202 legs.the extra cats have 20 legstotal = 222 legs on the bushow i found out about the extra cats in a picture

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There are many different things that girls in Chile can do. These girls can make baskets and sell them for example.

There are 74 legs in the bus. I'm going to say no legs are on the bus since buses don't have legs; they have wheels.

A girls basketball is easier to make a basket with because of the size and weight no matter the gender

The riddle answer is that there are no legs on a bus, just wheels. The meth answer is complicated by the fact that it does not mention the "bus driver" who resumably has 2 good legs.MathThe total number of (girl) legs is 10, and the total number of cat legs is (125 cats + 625 kittens) x 4 = 3000 kitty legs. So not counting the bus driver, there are 3010. Counting the bus driver, there are originally 3012 legs.If 3 girls get off with their backpacks, the number falls to 1204 or 1206 with the driver.---5 girls = 10 legs25 baskets125 cats = 500 legs625 kittens = 2500 legs3010 legs in allNo. of legs per girl1 girl = 2 legs5 baskets25 cats = 100 legs125 kittens = 500 legs602 legs per girlWith the proper data given, the formula would be: (let N=no. of legs left after the 3 girls got off the bus, A=all the legs in the bus, G=no. of legs per girl)N = A - 3(G)N = 3010 - 3(602)N = 3010 - 1806N = 1204 legsThus, 1204 legs are in the bus (1206 legs if the driver is included),

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